Netflix and Abu Dhabi TV launched second season ‘The Platform’


Netflix and Abu Dhabi TV have rolled out the second season of The Platform, a UAE-produced series, which rose to the global streaming platform’s ‘popular’ list within two days from its launch.

The series first season was launched in September 2020 across global streaming platform Netflix, making it the first-ever UAE production to be air on the platform worldwide. The series, which is produced by FilmGate Productions and Al Kalema Productions, introduced its second season on April 1 worldwide.

To extend its reach even further, FilmGate recently signed a partnership which will see the series being broadcast across American platforms Crackle, Crackle Plus, Popcornflix and Truli- making the very first pan-Arab production to reach American TV platforms.

The show’s third season will be available in Q3 of 2021, featuring the return of Shaikha played by Mahira Abdul Aziz, along with the addition of new characters played by Maisoun Abu Asaad, Jafra Younes, and Emirati Saeed Alraisi.