Minority-owned and operated business educates public safety due to the risks of COVID-19 through garbage bin sanitation one bin at a time!


UPPER MARLBORO, Maryland – February 26, 2021 – Founded in 2020, The Bin Men, a Black-owned Minority Business was established by Kareem Dennis and Jermaine Newman. Their mission started over four years ago studying the business, and working over 16 years in the sanitation industry. “The Bin Men was created to serve our community, family, and friends with a clean and safe biodegradable service that will combat and reduce the risk of coming in contact with well-known viruses and bacteria that are invisible to the human eye on your trash bins while taking out your garbage.” Says, Kareem Dennis, Co-Owner of The Bin Men. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our vision became a reality that this service will be well-needed in our communities as the service will be highly in demand.

“As this pandemic has changed our natural way of living, not everyone knows that their trash bin is a significant breeding ground for bacteria. Luckily for those of us in the Maryland area, The Bin Men will keep your waste container hygienically clean, with a cost-efficient service, says Kareem the other Co-Founder of The Bin Men.
The Co-Founders of The Bin Men are both concerned that many of the cities, towns, or neighborhood association management companies have the waste pickup service capabilities to clean dirty trash bins/ cans that may be filled with well-known viruses and bacteria. “We are really concerned that these well-known viruses and bacteria are causing transmittal issues in Black and Latino neighborhoods hard hit by COVID-19.” Says Jermaine. 

As the CDC indicates, “Waste management is an essential public service required to contain the spread of COVID-19” said Kareem, at The Bin Men, he continued, “We are working in communities through the metro Washington, DC area, working to limit exposure of COVID-19 to families at a basic level, sanitizing and deodorizing trash bins is our business.”

CONTACT: Kareem Dennis, Co-Founder The Bin Men Address: 684 Cheltenham,
Maryland 20623 Telephone: 240-348-4486 Email: info@thebinmendmv.com
Source: CDC


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