Meet the lucky man who flew solo on an Emirates flight to Dubai from Mumbai


Who wouldn’t want to travel solo and get the entire flight to oneself? Well, it’s an experience not many get it, unless one is super-rich, famous, or lucky, to get the whole aircraft to oneself.

For Bhavesh Javeri, it was an experience of a lifetime, as he got to do the latter. Bhavesh, a Dubai resident for 20 years, boarded an Emirates flight from Mumbai to Dubai on May 19 and to his surprise, he was the only passenger to board the aircraft.

The 40-year-old enjoyed an exclusive flight on a 360-seater Boeing 777 aircraft when he was escorted to the flight by an airline staffer at a nearly empty Mumbai airport. The moment Bhavesh entered the plane, the air hostesses welcomed him with applaud.

Bhavesh who flew for a half-hour flight posted a video of his unique experience on social media. “I’m normally not the person who takes videos but today I felt special because I think I’m the only passenger on the Emirates flight to Dubai from Bombay,” he is heard saying in the video, who is the CEO of Stargems Group in Dubai.

After the video went viral, Bhavesh became a celebrity overnight and was overwhelmed with calls from friends, colleagues, and family members.

“Today, I am special because I am the only passenger on an Emirates flight to Dubai from Mumbai,” Bhavesh said in the video, as he received a warmly welcome. “Usually, I do a big announcement. Since you’re the only one here I am going to give it to you. I’ll give you a tour of the entire plane,” said the pilot in a lighter mood while welcoming him.

Bhavesh who has a Golden visa had purchased the Rs 18,000 economy class ticket after making a call to the airline one week prior. “I normally book a business class ticket, but I thought, why not book an economy seat, the flight would have only a few passengers,” he said, adding, “I was elated. I had flown a charter flight from Dubai to Mumbai last June with nine passengers on a 14-seater aircraft. But it was nowhere close to this money-can’t-buy experience.”

The solo flight became even more interesting with customised inflight messages like ‘Mr Javeri, please fasten your seat belt’ and ‘Mr Javeri, we are preparing to land’, and ‘Mr Javeri, Welcome to the Dubai International Airport,’

Bhavesh could take the flight because he is a Golden Visa holder. As per the travel restrictions imposed by the United Arab Emirates due to the COVID-19 crisis, only UAE nationals, holders of UAE Golden visa and members of the diplomatic mission can fly from India to UAE.

Cover Image: Shutterstock