MC2 Saint Barth is joining the Hamac Beach Boutique in Dubai


Does your closet include colorful collections for 2022?

MC2 Saint Barth is joining the Hamac Beach Boutique in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, January 2022 – Vacations will soon be rolling out, and plans are being made. Whether you’re taking a trip or keeping it local this summer, Hamac is proudly introducing the trendy “MC2 Saint Barth” in Dubai, one of the first clothing lines local to the Saint Barthemy Island.

At Hamac Beach Boutique, you can find all your needs to complete your beachwear wardrobe. Be expressive and embrace the freedom of choosing your unique style, colours and fabrics with the best brands for beachwear, accessories, and bags at Hamac Beach Boutique.

From clothing lines to accessories to beachwear, MC2 Saint Barth opens its doors to multiple different brands that promise to cater to every want and preference. Let your imagination run free at Hamac as you play around with different styles of quality fabrics, vibrant colors, and trendy prints.

MC2 Saint Barth gets their inspiration from the refreshing island atmosphere to capture the taste of elegance and refinement to create the best beachwear collection. The style is unique, young, and exclusive while the colors are inspired by the shades of blue sea and nature. MC2’s collection of beach bags for ladies and swimwear for men in Hamac is the best choice for refreshing visits to the beach.

The MC2 brand is growing exponentially and is loved by celebrities and famous personalities today. The Mc2 Saint Barth shops are present in Capri, St. Barth, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Poltu Quatu, Santa Margherita Ligure, Formentera, Forte dei Marmi and Milano Marittima and is now available in Dubai.

It’s officially time to unearth the best swimsuits brands with plenty of dreamy trends for all style preferences and body types this year. No wardrobe is complete without a few elevated basics from Hamac.

Hamac showcases a stunning range of stylish swimwear collections, cover ups, shirts, shorts, flip flops, bags/pouches from popular brands including Nuxe, Vilebrequin, Sunnylife, PQ swim, Feriado Nacional, Havaianas, Sunuva, Janthee Berlin, Camilla, Pain de Sucre, Sun Bum, and Le Spec.

Hamac is your go-to boutique for all things clothing, accessories, and swimwear. Shop our latest arrivals in the newly relaunched branch in Dubai Mall in January 2022.



Hamac is the pioneer and leading retailer of premium beachwear and accessories in the UAE, established in Dubai in 1999. We offer unique and various collections of swim wear for men, women, boys and girls, resort wear like kaftan, skirt, dress, jumpsuit, shorts/Bermudas, polo, flip flop footwear for men, women and children, beautiful accessories such as trendy sunglasses, bags and pouches. Hamac is proudly spreading the beachwear culture across the region by consistently showcasing premium beachwear brands.

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