Maryam Al Muhairi: The UAE has achieved what no one imagined


Confirmed that advanced technology helped grow great food

  • Minister of Climate Change and Environment: Maryam bint Mohammed Al Muhairi.

  • World Food Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of food systems.

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The Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Maryam bint Mohammed Al Muhairi, confirmed that World Food Day is an occasion for awareness, which began since the inception of the United Nations Agriculture and Food Organization in 1945, adding, “We thought about celebrating the occasion this year at (Expo 2020 Dubai), which is an ideal place in the middle of More than 190 countries to create the future, and this is exactly the goal of bringing World Food Day here,” noting that the UAE, thanks to advanced technology, has succeeded in what no one could have imagined by providing alternative solutions in terms of growing wonderful food, despite the challenges.

She continued, “We are proud to celebrate this awareness day at (Expo 2020 Dubai), especially since the slogan for this year’s World Food Day is better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life.

It is a slogan that is completely linked to the sustainability around which Expo 2020 is centered.”

On how to deal with the challenges of changing global food systems and the effects of climate change, Al Muhairi said: “There is a great link between climate change and food systems, and this is strange, because when we talk about food systems, we find that it is the problem, because much of what we eat causes emissions Many harmful gases, but at the same time it is the solution, so we seek to achieve the transition of climate and food systems at the same time, and the climate change agenda, which is the transition of energy and food systems, and the most important thing is to move towards more sustainable food systems.”

And she indicated that «there is a great connection, to the extent that each of these things affects the other, and this is what we will deal with, and talk about. World Food Day provides an opportunity to educate people about food systems, why we need this shift, and the importance of action today. It is not the responsibility of governments alone, or the private sector alone, but there is a role for each of us to play, because it is our responsibility and our duty to take these initiatives to become healthy, and to ensure that everyone in this world can obtain healthy nutrition, and to keep the earth in good condition.

Regarding the progress achieved in terms of sustainability and the search for alternative agricultural solutions, Al Muhairi stressed: “When I took charge of the food security file in 2017, we had already started this transformation, and if we look at what we have today, we will find that we produce a lot of food locally, such as vegetables and fruits. , and no one would have imagined that we would be able to grow such things in such a climate as we have in the UAE, it is behind political will, partners, as well as innovation and technology that is here.”

“So we are looking for what works in terms of sustainability, and also from a commercial point of view, in such a hot environment.

Thanks to advanced technology, we have the ability to grow great food.”

Minister of Climate Change and Environment:

• “(Expo 2020 Dubai) is an ideal place in the middle of more than 190 countries to make the future, and celebrate World Food Day.”

• “Changing food systems is not the responsibility of governments alone, or the private sector, but there is a role for each of us to play.”

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