Mandatory wearing of face masks indoors reaffirmed by UAE authorities


UAE COVID-19 restrictions have eased in recent months, but as of Monday June 13, the UAE has reinforced the importance of wearing face masks indoors in the ongoing preventative and precautionary measures against COVID-19.

If you don’t wear a face mask in public, you could face a fine of Dhs3000, according to the reminders issued by The Supreme Council for National Security on June 13.

At the same time, the UAE announced that green pass validity on the Al Hosn app – used to access venues in Abu Dhabi – has been reduced to 14 days.

Back in February, the United Arab Emirates announced multiple changes to COVID protocols including to face masks, close contact cases, restaurant and event capacities, travellers and quarantining, and more.

Do I have to wear a face mask in the UAE?

Wearing face masks indoors in the UAE, in venues including restaurants, bars and events facilities, is mandatory in the UAE. As of Monday June 13, the UAE government announced its intention to ramp up its monitoring of this rule. People not wearing face masks indoors will face potential fines of Dhs3000.

Since Saturday February 26, it has been optional to wear face masks in outdoor areas. Physical distancing must still be followed.