Luxembourg gifts €32m pavillion to UAE


Luxembourg is to gift its €32m Dubai pavillion to the UAE, where it will be integrated into a new urban complex after the Expo2020.

Economy minister Franz Fayot (LSAP) announced the donation during a visit to the construction site on Monday. Luxembourg’s three-storey pavillion was designed by Metaform architects and features a Möbius ribbon, green atrium using repurposed water from its air-conditioning system to water the plants, and a giant slide. The design aims to demonstrate the country’s commitment to the circular economy and encourage visitors to reflect on the theme of environmental sustainability.

Expected to reach completion in June, the structure is part funded by private partners Post, SES and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, as well as sponsors ArcelorMittal, Cargolux, RAK porcelain, Guardian Glass, MCM Steel and ULT.

Initially, the economy ministry said that 70% of materials used in building the pavillion would be reused or recycled afterwards. 

In a government press statement issued on Monday, Fayot said that the Dubai authorities proposed to take over the pavillion at no cost to Luxembourg. He welcomed the fact that the arrangement would extend its life beyond the Expo, which ends on 31 March 2022.

He said: “The emblematic architecture of the building, a symbol of the openness and dynamism of our country, will thus be preserved for an extended period. I am delighted that, for Luxembourg, Expo2020 will thus continue well beyond the 6 months planned.”

According to the organisers of Expo2020, 80% of the Expo’s built environment will be maintained in District 2020 to serve as a model for sustainability.