List of unique places in Dubai for visit


Dubai: For tourists wishing to travel to the United Arab Emirates, here is a list of 10 places in Dubai where you can make your trip memorable for just 50 dirhams or less.

According to the details, there are so many places to visit in Dubai that are captivating. If you want to travel and have fun in Dubai with your friends or family, here are ten places that you will never forget. If you are thinking that the list includes cinemas and coffee shops, then you can do it in your own city. Here is a list of ten places that distinguish Dubai from the rest of the world. Just wait now, let us take you on a tour of these places.

Dubai frame

You can visit the world’s largest frame in Dubai for only 50 dirhams and see the true beauty of Dubai walking on the glass floor from a height of 150 meters.Animal lovers can see more than two and a half thousand species of animals in the Dubai Safari Park.

Miracle Park

There is a unique park in Dubai that is unique from other gardens and why not be unique in that it has many sculptures made of flowers. You can go to this miraculous park for only 45 dirhams.

Global Village

Yes! It is true that in a few acres of Global Welch located in Dubai you can see the whole world. There is also a designated water canal for tourists in this place which can be traveled by boat and if you are lucky for 15 dirhams, you can enter Global Welch and watch music concerts

Dolphin Erim

If you want to make your children’s day more beautiful while traveling in Dubai, just spend 50 dirhams and be sure to show the kids the wonderful feats of dolphins with sea sales at the Odh Call Show.

Dubai Museum

Built in 1787 south of Dubai Creek, the castle has been converted into the Dubai Museum. If you want to get acquainted with the history of Dubai, visit the museum built in Al Fahida Fort for only 2 dirhams and get a historical lesson of Dubai without any textbooks.

Dubai Water Canal

In Dubai’s Water Canal, tourists can make their trip even more memorable by riding a traditional Arab boat called ‘Abra’ for only 25 dirhams. This boat has been the most important means of transportation in the region since ancient times and is still part of Dubai’s culture.

Dubai Fountain

The view of the Dubai Fountain at the Dubai Mall is a memorable moment, which makes the tourist journey even more spectacular. The revolving fountain in the middle of the fountain pool captivates the hearts of its viewers.