Lazio’s cuisine wins admirers at Expo 2020 Dubai


(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 25 – Lazio’s culinary delights have won
new admirers in the United Arab Emirates after top chef Iside De
Cesare served up some of them at a skyscraper in Dubai during
Expo 2020.
    De Cesare, the chef of the Michellin-star-winning restaurant La
Parolina at Trevinano, near Viterbo, presented a knockout menu
at the weekend that proved the region around Rome is not just
worth visiting for its monuments and historical sites.
    This included beef tartare with Monti Cimini hazelnuts, lemon
risotto with raspberry power and Nepi safron.
    Another highlight was a dish of chickpea tortellini with porcino
mushrooms and red garlic from Proceno. (ANSA).