Launched by Japanese rocket UAE Mars probe reaches orbit


The UAE (United Arab Emirates) in the Middle East, which is advancing technological development in the space field, announced last year that a Japanese rocket-launched spacecraft reached the orbit of Mars.

The UAE Mars rover “HOPE” was developed by the UAE government with the cooperation of an American university, and was launched from the Taneshima Space Center by a Japanese H2A rocket last July.

In Dubai, the largest city, on the 9th, about 200 people including government officials watched the inside of the space center monitoring HOPE through a large screen installed at the special venue.

And when a Space Center official announced that HOPE had reached the orbit of Mars shortly after 8 pm local time, there was a big cheer.

The UAE is the first to send a spacecraft to Mars in Middle Eastern countries, and in the future, it will observe the atmosphere of Mars using the observation equipment mounted on the spacecraft.

The UAE has been promoting urban development using abundant oil money, but in the future, we would like to connect technological development in the space field to the development of our own industry.

“It was an unforgettable experience working in a team every day until late at night, and I’m proud of my success,” said a female engineer involved in the development of HOPE.