La Fabbrica Italiana Dubai is Now Open


UAE’s first focacceria has opened in Wasl 51, Dubai

Visits to Italy may leave one spoilt for choice between beaches, historical sites, cathedrals, countryside and spectacular fashion but the one common thread that holds all the experiences together is the promise of great food.  Undoubtedly, Italy holds an unparalleled position globally as a haven of fine foods. The simplicity of the cuisine is hard to match and in its very spirit of perfection, Dubai’s already bustling F&B scene has now been joined by the city’s first ever focacceria: La Fabbrica Focacceria Italiana.

UAE’s first Focacceria

La Fabbrica Italiana is the UAE’s first focacceria that has opened their doors in the trendy and foodie neighbourhood of Wasl 51. With just 3 main menu items, the focacceria aims to translate the culinary essence of fine dining onto a piece of fresh focaccia using recipes that hold history. With this concept, La Fabbrica Italiana is introducing Dubai to an experience that is artisanal and at once, welcoming.

The homegrown eatery is situated at Wasl 51 and engages all of your 5 senses at first glance. The focacceria welcomes customers to a space basked in natural light and colorful fresh focaccia displayed throughout the counter. The minimalist interior is spaced out, rooted in nature and wooden textures. A corner of the venue is dedicated to il Mercato, that displays high quality Italian ingredients available for purchase. To top it all off, the serenity of the venue is in perfect harmony with the welcoming scent of freshly baked bread.

The Focaccia

At La Fabbrica Italiana, Focaccia’s 2000 year old recipe maintains its integrity even today. With a rigorous fermentation process of 72 hours that leaves the bread airy and irresistible, La Fabbrica Italiana has brought the history of authentic focaccia to Dubai and will be serving more than 15 variations of the item. These include signature Italian favourites like Barese, Ligure and Trentina along with a sprinkle of adaptation to local flavours like Zaatar Man’ousheh. All flavours served are baked fresh daily. Focaccia is favoured by many for its non-bloating qualities. Fermenting during its three day proofing instead of within the body allows people to indulge in its bread-like texture without negative digestive effects.

The Burrata

The globally loved Burrata cheese is created with mozzarella and cream and is meticulously paired with wholesome ingredients in the eatery’s kitchen. Woven and shaped by Italian artisans, the burrata is the perfect cheese, with which few can compare and is served in combinations like Stomboli, Figata, Genovese and Baba Burrata. Served with a traditional focaccia slice and a side salad, the eatery’s Burrata is not an appetiser but instead a main with sides to enjoy. 

The Original Tiramisu

What sets the tiramisu at La Fabbrica Italiana apart from all else is that the recipe comes straight from the family’s great Aunt Speranza Bon who first created the dessert in the late 1950’s. Speranza Bon created this dessert for a visiting Greek Princess in 1958 and served it in a coppa imperiale (the imperial cup). In 2021, the new concept is using the original recipe and serving it to customers in a coppa imperiale to stay true to the dessert’s history and the aunt’s legacy.

The tiramisu served is made with exclusively imported Italian ingredients to maintain its authenticity, including Italian yellow egg yolks. This ensures its original vibrant cream honeysuckle colour. Made with yolks, Bialetti-brewed mocha coffee, whipped mascarpone, and an abundant portion of dark chocolate shavings, the original tiramisu is unbeatable in flavour and will be available in single and family serving sizes.

The La Fabbrica Italiana Family

Much like Italy’s iconic hidden gems, La Fabbrica Italiana is a homegrown, family run business. It has been co-founded by Chef Davide Galbiati with his uncle Maurizio Galbiati and aunt, Karam Annab Galbiati. In addition, chef Riccardo Bon, Maurizio Galbiati’s nephew acts as the consultant chef for La Fabbrica adding his local knowledge of the market to the menu.

Speaking about their launch, Co-founder Karam said, “La Fabbrica ltaliana is a foodie’s time machine. Every bite we serve has history. We are bringing Italy to Dubai, in a whole new light. Our focus is on mastering the focaccia, burrata and the original tiramisù. We want to offer the best food and at the same time create an environment that is welcoming which makes for a fantastic no-frills experience for the Dubai customer, who we know is well informed and well travelled. Our promise is to make history by serving history”.

The Executive Chef

Born in Vimercate near Milano, Chef Davide has worked extensively in fine dining restaurants throughout Europe and the UK, before being recruited by Neil Perry in Sydney, Australia. He then joined three Michelin star chef Umberto Bombana at his restaurant 8½ Otto e Mezzo in Macao.

Chef Davide’s main aim is to translate his Michelin star experience on to something as simple as a well made focaccia, the finest burrata dishes and of course, the original Tiramisù.

Speaking about his latest project, Chef Davide said, “I am so excited to bring a unique take on Italian food to Dubai. It’s important to understand that not every Italian concept has to be fancy and intimidating. The cuisine has great and simple food at its very heart and with La Fabbrica Italiana I aim to bring my Michelin star experience, historical recipes, seasonal ingredients and continuous research back to Dubai to prove to the city that an authentic Italian experience begins and continues with quality ingredients and simple food.”

La Fabbrica Italiana is officially open (starting 21st March) from 11am to 11pm and will soon be available for delivery.