Kuwait breaks daily COVID-19 cases record but deaths remain low


Kuwait reported an all-time high in daily COVID-19 cases today.

There were 3,683 new COVID-19 cases recorded in Kuwait in the past 24 hours, the official Kuwait News Agency reported today. The previous high was 2,999 cases yesterday, according to the statistics website Worldometer.

COVID-19 cases are rising in several Gulf states. Qatar’s Health Ministry reported 3,335 cases today. Qatar’s all-time highest daily infections occurred yesterday with 3,689 cases. Cases are also nearing their historic highs in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to Worldometer. The Saudi Health Ministry recorded 4,778 new cases today, while the official Emirates News Agency reported 2,562 cases.

Gulf countries are reporting very few coronavirus-related deaths, however. Kuwait and Qatar reported one death today, while Saudi Arabia reported two and the UAE reported none.

The majority of the population in Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia is vaccinated against COVID-19.

The outbreak in the Gulf is due to the omicron variant of COVID-19, and has garnered significant media attention internationally. In terms of per capita COVID-19 cases, however, the Gulf is faring relatively well. Australia is leading the world with an average of 3,000 cases per one million people a day. The United Kingdom is not far behind with 2,600 daily cases per million people. Qatar is reporting around 890 cases a day per million people. Other Gulf states have even less, according to the Oxford-based Our World in Data.