Kristie’s Weekend in 5 Pics: Dubai Edition


I talked about this on-air a lot but basically I got drunk and booked a flight to Dubai. I fully blame my breakup and the fact that I tried tequila shots for the first time since college. I thought Dubai would be a very cultural oriented trip, and there were bits of that but MOSTLY it was like being in Vegas. I was shook. Truly shook.

Lets kick it off strong there were a TON of camels just chillin in the desert and coming up to my car!

I went to the desert to ride the dune buggies. WARNING: DONT DO THIS WITHOUT SUNSCREEN. I forgot sunscreen and I’m just chillin’ in the Dubai desert watching my body burn. Did I cry? A little bit. Turns out you can be allergic to the sun and your body rejects it. Painful. But still fun.

The next day I checked out some views of the city, I took some videos of the architecture because it is amazing there! I mean so many amazing building.

one of the places I went to was the Dubai Frame, the worlds largest frame! As you see in the video it is covered in gold and it’s amazing!

The one weird part is that from the frame you can see a huge garden area in the shape of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

To be fair it is a cute garden! I’d like my face like this one day…

The next day I just chilled by a pool with some big rubber ducks! But look how cute the view is at this pool party!

FINALLY Sunday rolled around and I just chilled in the ocean with this beautiful background! I mean how gorgeous are the views here? It’s great!