Jas Mathur Takes Limitless X Public While Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Anderson Silva Promote Smilz in Abu Dhabi


It has been a very busy week for the team at Limitless X Inc. The digital marketing, product and creative lifestyle agency, led by founder and CEO Jas Mathur, officially went public.

Limitless X (OTCQB: BLAB) completed its share exchange agreement with Bio Lab Naturals Inc. on May 20, 2022, becoming wholly owned and the principal operating subsidiary of the company. Meanwhile, combat sports legends Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Anderson Silva hit the ring in Abu Dhabi this past weekend representing both Limitless and Smilz brands.

“Today marks an important milestone for Limitless X,” said Mathur. “Our mission is to launch products and services which make people look and feel great. Operating as a public company, we are now able to increase our visibility and exposure within the capital markets, expand our brand recognition and provide our market opportunity to a wider investor audience. I look forward to this next step, of entering the public markets and turning Limitless X into a rapidly growing successful enterprise and a globally recognized household brand.”

Limitless X

As a successful investor, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, Mathur has spearheaded the development and growth of numerous brands. With a focus on beauty and skincare, health and wellness, and CBD products, Limitless X is continuing to expand while providing their customers with the utmost satisfaction.

Floyd Mayweather Jr, considered to be one of the greatest fighters in the history of boxing and long-time friend of Jas Mathur’s, represented Limitless X and SMILZ during his headlining match against former sparring partner Don Moore.

“Everything I have done in my career, from my training regimen to my diet to what I endorse on my trunks, has been done with strategy, attention to detail and perfection,” said Mayweather Jr. “I knew I had a platform with my Don Moore fight to get more eyes and ears on Smilz, a CBD brand I truly and genuinely believe in. For a spectacle of this magnitude, repping Limitless X and Smilz, would get the brand the attention that it deserves. I have supported Smilz since its launch and I am a firm believer in its future as a CBD company that is geared towards consumers with a wide range of tolerances.”

Limitless X

Founded in 2020, Smilz is a manufacturer of premium grade CBD products. “I’ve been an advocate for health and wellness over the past decade and am always looking for ways to innovate and create industry-leading products,” Mathur added. Other brands under Limitless’ umbrella include: Amarose, NZT-48, Glucose1, Divatrim, Bodycor, OneShot Keto, Regal Keto, HempAmPm, AthletePharm, GoKeto, Optimum Keto and many more.

To learn more about Limitless X, please visit http://www.limitlessx.com.