Introducing Eclipse – A disruptive wellbeing hub in Dubai Marina


Eclipse is completely unique in its collaboration of offerings, with off-the-beaten-track practices, that cater to both men and women; their curated programs and courses are disruptive in nature in terms of theme, content and expertise. With a focus on embodiment and insight, Eclipse is loyal to the secrets of balanced life. Their aim with this new venture is to share their passion, knowledge and daily routines with a like-minded community in Dubai.

Eclipse’s carefully curated programs are there to satisfy every individual pursuit. Eclipse offers unparalleled experiences of early morning mediations and somatic practices, from 6am every day through to 9pm each night. Their rich schedule of course cycles include Mysore Ashtanga, Internal Martial Arts and Mobility sessions, along with Ayurveda treatments, insight and mindfulness sessions.

Additionally, Eclipse offers corporate wellbeing programs that include stress management, high performing teams, inspirational leadership, and team building. The hub also conducts top caliber Teacher Training Courses in Yoga and Meditation styles registered by the Yoga Alliance (RYS) and delivers immersive classes in eastern wisdom and yogic practices.

Eclipse Wellbeing Hub is situated in one of the emirate’s most stunning and scenic locations – at the heart of Dubai Marina, by the waterfront, in a minimalistic and atmospheric facility that aims to provoke inspiration. For more information on all programs, class schedules, and registration, please visit –