Thursday, July 29, 2021

In Sierra Leone, MSF is scaling up projects and reinforcing the health system to meet growing needs

The MSF Academy for Health Care

MSF’s work in Sierra Leone goes beyond providing mother and child care and reaching patients in remote regions. Hundreds of health care workers died in the Ebola outbreak between 2014 and 2015, and today staffing for health care facilities remains a critical challenge in delivering quality medical care to people. Sierra Leone urgently needs more skilled, qualified health workers to help improve the services provided in general and specialist health facilities and deliver effective responses during outbreaks and natural disasters.

To help rebuild this capacity, the MSF Academy for Health Care initiative focuses on strengthening the skills and competencies of medical professionals providing pediatric care in MSF’s Hangha hospital.  

“Investing in health care workers has a direct impact in the quality of care provided to Sierra Leonians,” said Chloe Widdowson, the MSF Academy’s learning manager. So far, 110 nurses and 58 clinical health officers have been enrolled in the Academy’s training programs in Kenema. In addition, Ministry of Health staff working in different community health centers have been enrolled in an outpatient program that will help them to provide quality health care in the long term.   

The MSF Academy for Health Care is also reinforcing capacity by setting up a collaboration with the Sierra Leonian Nurses and Midwives Board. The Academy will welcome groups of nursing teachers for training in mentoring and facilitating skills. These medical professionals will have access to all of the Academy’s electronic learning resources, including handouts, learning games, session plans, simulation scenarios, films, and learning journals.

We are currently pursing accreditation status with the Sierra Leone Nurses and Midwives Board. “The official accreditation will enhance academic status of participants studying in our academy and will encourage them and boost their motivations,” said Victor Siroky, MSF Academy representative.

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