Wednesday, July 28, 2021

In Abu Dhabi… Periodic campaigns to verify the construction sector’s commitment to safety standardsي

Hala Al Khayyat (Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi City Municipality carries out periodic inspection campaigns on work sites in the construction and construction sector on a regular basis to ensure that contractors and consultants comply with environmental, health and safety standards at work sites, and implement the building laws in force in the country.
The municipality indicated that the inspection teams of the Health, Safety and Environment Department assess obligations through the approved annual plan and daily inspection tours of the construction sector, and ensure that companies apply the practice guides in force in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi according to the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s system for occupational safety and health, and the environment, health and safety plan and assess the risks that are attached before the start of the project

The municipality indicated that the entities operating in the construction and construction sector are included, classified and registered in the electronic program for occupational safety and health (performance), and the level of risk of these entities is categorized according to the approved criteria for classification: (low, medium, and high risk) based on the classification criteria so that consideration is taken of The number of workers, the number of projects, the volume of work and other project data. Periodic inspection campaigns are carried out according to the work requirements and the approved plan during the year.
Regarding the most prominent risks arising from workplaces, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality stated that work risks are multiple, and they are controlled before starting the project through the project’s environment, health and safety plan with risk assessment and approval by the municipality’s specialized team.
The most prominent risks in the construction sites that were identified through the inspection visits: working on heights, and using tower cranes and work platforms (scaffolding).
Within this framework, the municipality puts forward initiatives and implements specialized inspection, awareness and educational campaigns to raise the level of health and awareness of workers in these sites in order to protect them and preserve their safety.
The municipality indicated that work is being done on the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s system for occupational safety and health, issuing and updating circulars and procedures based on the data and keeping pace with the development in the construction sector, where the municipality works in the management of environment, health and safety striving to reduce accidents and secure work sites, which requires daily field follow-up. To ensure that all applicable requirements and standards are applied.
Last year saw the addition of 4,653 car parks in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including 2,173 in the city of Al Ain, bringing the number of car parks in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to 167,793 after it was 163,140 in 2019.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport clarified that the public parking management system has been implemented in new sectors in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, as part of the continuous endeavor to organize and manage public parking in the emirate and achieve optimal use of it, thus contributing to eliminating the phenomenon of random parking, enhancing the flow of traffic and making roads safer and safer. During the past year, 723 car parks were developed in the Zafarana area at a cost of 4.65 million dirhams, and 953 car parks were built for 20 mosques in 10 regions on the mainland, at a cost of 12.6 million dirhams.

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