Immensa receives first AM licence from Saudi Ministry of Investments


Immensa Technology Labs, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a leading Additive Manufacturing company in the region, was approved for AM by the Ministry of Investments of Saudi Arabia (MISA). This license is said to be the first of its kind to be issued and is in line with ‘Vision2030’ and the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP), which is giving importance to industry 4.0 with industrial AM and attracting international companies like Immensa to Saudi Arabia in order to localise advanced manufacturing technologies.

Immensa is expanding its footprint and building its infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, providing digital-inventory solutions to local and international oil & gas and manufacturing companies. The company has already acquired a 929 m2 industrial Additive Manufacturing facility in Dammam and an office in Riyadh, with a network of other industrial AM hubs being planned across the country.

The company’s propriety digital inventory platform is a key driver in the digitisation of supply chains globally and in localising manufacturing. The company also addresses the constraints of the global supply chain by decentralising manufacturing through a digital platform that would house the region’s largest digital inventory of oil and gas spare parts; thus, saving millions of dollars in downtime and inventory holding costs.

Immensa’s facility in Saudia Arabia includes metal, nonmetal, post-processing, and testing capabilities for oil and gas parts, reportedly the first-of-its-kind in the region, and the company aims to achieve the 2022 IKTVA excellence award, ‘Best in Supplier and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Development.’ Immensa is said to be the only AM company that holds an O&G ISO29001 certification and already provides digital inventory solutions to top-tier organisations across the region.

“The technical expertise and digital platform that Immensa has developed over the past four years is unparalleled,” stated Omar Abuhabaya, COO of Immensa Group and General Manager of Immensa KSA [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. “Having the world’s leading oil-and-gas-focused Additive Manufacturing company set up its operations in Saudi Arabia propels the kingdom to be a top player in the global industrial 3D printing space; building digital inventories that are enabled by Additive Manufacturing is a focal point for governments and organisations everywhere.”

“Having supply chain resiliency and redundancy is no longer a luxury but a necessity and, today, only a few companies are capable and equipped to provide a full digital Inventory solution. Immensa’s track record and experience in this domain allows us to hit the ground running and enable Saudi-based companies to utilise the benefits of digitisation and Additive Manufacturing.”

Abdulrahman Jilani, Immensa board member, added, “Additive Manufacturing is, in its nature, solving two critical issues for manufacturing in KSA, specially for Oil & Gas: reducing lead time by localising production on-demand and decreasing spare parts costs by shifting to digital warehousing. Immensa is well positioned to serve KSA demands, as well as build local capabilities given its track record in serving other GCC NOCs, technical know-how and production capacity.”

The company regards Saudi Arabia as its primary market, with regional operations being managed in the future from its Saudi offices. Besides these operations, Immensa already has multiple production facilities in the UAE, as well as offices in Kuwait and the United States of America.