iMile Launches in Egypt


iMile Launches in Egypt

The logistics service has operations in Cairo and Suez

Dubai, UAE,18 April 2021: iMile,a technology-drivendelivery service,has officially launched into Egypt with operations in Cairo and Suez.Born in Dubai, iMileis a market leader in delivering goods from ecommerce sellers in China to customers in the MENA regionto serve the dynamic ecommerce marketplace of the future.iMile’srecent expansion into Egypt is part of its commitment to continue supporting efficient cross-border ecommerce across the region.

With the rise of e-commerce in Egypt, local companies are focused on developing strategies that enhance online trade. As a platform that offers high-quality first-mile, international mile and localized last-mile delivery services, iMile is well-positioned to support the burgeoning ecommerce landscape in the country.

The growth of Egypt’s e-commerce industry has been spurred by its rising population, its increasingly affluent middle class and most notably, by consumers’ readiness to trial new retail options, a phenomenon accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis.These factors enable iMile to help improve overall delivery experience for ecommerce customersby providing best-in-class logistics and customer services for companies in Egypt. iMile is confident that Egypt will remain a key market for the business going forward.

iMile CEO, Rita Huang, said: “We have solid plans for what we want to achieve in 2021 and our launch into Egypt plays a big part into this. We aim to continue growing atrapid pace into next year and will invest in our technology and our people to ensure we are ahead of the curve.” 

iMile believes in building collaborative partnerships to make their delivery network agile, investing in effective technologies to boost productivity, mining data to build better customer experiences and, most importantly, bring in the ‘customer obsession’ spirit to the country.

The company has partnered with two ecommerce market leaders in Egypt so far and is working with a number of SMEs for door-to-door delivery.iMile isinvesting in a local team in Egypt, hiring exceptional local talent to ensure the best team is in place.

Ultimately, iMile seeks to enhance cross-border ecommerce logistics and their launch into Egypt presents an opportunity to bring customers in the MENA region even closer to sellers in China.

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