I bought a TV for my pastor and spoil him with clothes from Dubai


A Wednesday morning conversation on Classic 105, led to one city woman confessing to what extent she goes financially for her pastor.

Maina and Kingangi were talking about Kenyan womens obsession with male pastors that led to three questions Maina wanted answered.

He asked women to tell why they prefer opening up to pastors more than their husband and why they hand over money so willingly, plus why they call them daddy!cuc laughing

One city woman called in with her personal experience below.

“Let me tell you maina, women prefer pastors to hus and because mostly women need a listen ing ear, they appreciate us, which is what pastors give us.

I would like men to learn the psychology part from pastors, I talk to my pastor we need someone who is just listening and then we feel pastors are interfaces on behalf of the people.. so we tell the pastors everything,  to offload, they listen to us we open up more whereas our husbands go roaring to us and we just disappear to the kitchen. I cannot offload to mu husband the pastors do well, they make us feel so important. They tell us sweet words then you realize ngai my car is gone. I bought my pastor a whole new tv and even paid for delivery fee to his house. I have also given him part of my office where he meets congregants. I partitioned my office for him , then we go to the supermarket for shopping, anachukua trolley yake mimi ninachukua yangu, then I pay the bill. I even used to buy him clothes from Dubai”

Dear Classic 105 fam, does this sound crazy cray cray?! What’s the craziest story you have heard of women doing for their pastors, and did it make sense?