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Hungary’s pavilion for the Dubai World Expo is ready for handover – PHOTOS, VIDEO

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down and almost all large-scale events were either cancelled or postponed. And this is exactly what had happened to 2020’s World Expo in Dubai.

Expo 2020 was originally scheduled to be held from the 20th of October 2020 until the 10th of April 2021. Due to the limiting restrictions of many countries and drop in international travelling, the new date of the Dubai World Expo is postponed almost an entire year and will be held from the 1st of October this year until the 31st of March 2022.

This means that the Expo in Dubai will launch within 123 days with the participation of 190 nations and many organisations as well. This is truly a world-size event.

Dubai World Expo Hungarian Pavilion Sketch

Many nations have already created their pavilions which you can browse on the official website and according to Magyar Nemzet, the Hungarian pavilion’s construction work has also benn completed. It is currently awaiting the inspection of the Expo’s safety authorities before it could be handed over for the interior team.

This video is from Magyar Nemzet

The Hungarian pavilion is located within the Expo’s Mobility section and it is the only building in the entire region located near the Persian Gulf. According to Hvg’s information, near the end of the construction,

the cost of the building has been increased by a whopping HUF 666 million (€ 1.88 million) making the total end cost of the magnificent pavilion HUF 11.266 billion, which is around € 31,735,211.

Dubai World Expo Hungarian Pavilion
Photo: Hungary at Expo 2020 Facebook page

According to the official Hungarian website of the pavilion, Hungaryexpo2020, the building was designed by Imre Makovecz’s former students, the Miklós Ybl prize awarded Lőrinc Csernyus.

It was built for months by a total of 17 Hungarian carpenters, it has a usable area of 1,927 m2 and a total of 560 tonnes of wood were used to construct the Hungarian pavilion. The longest structural piece is 18.47 metres and the heaviest element was over 2.7 tonnes, Magyar Nemzet reported.

Dubai World Expo Hungarian Pavilion Night

The pavilion was designed to showcase one of Hungary’s most precious treasures: water. Hungary is rich in water and especially famous for its thermal and medicinal mineral waters and the pavilion will help showcase, promote and also teach everything there is about these natural treasures with the help of an all-encompassing interactive exhibition. Hungaryexpo2020 also wrote that the large cupola in the middle will be housing an exhibition about balneotherapy.

According to the official info, anyone who visits the Hungarian pavilion will have a chance to browse hand-crafted items, try Hungarian dishes and be able to taste waters from Hungary.

Keleti railway station Budapest train MÁV

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