Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How Dubai CommerCity has become a one-stop-shop platform for…

How has the UAE’s e-commerce landscape altered since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic?
With the onset of Covid-19, countries in the region are expediting the use of a diverse range of technology platforms, accommodating greater collaboration across geographies, and developing e-commerce initiatives and infrastructure. According to our upcoming MEASA E-Commerce Landscape: B2C Products Edition report, the MEASA e-commerce landscape is currently valued at $89.4bn with the UAE leading many e-commerce related rankings regionally and globally, including the highest global internet penetration at 99 per cent and securing the 13th position out of 99 countries for ease of starting an online business.

Consumer behaviour has also changed for a large section of the population as Covid-19 provided an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate current lifestyle choices. As such, there has been an increased preference for online shopping. Our report also highlighted that internet shoppers per capita are highest in the Middle East, with the UAE leading at 59 per cent.

Spurred by the impact of the pandemic, the region’s e-commerce market is experiencing a staggering growth of 18.4 per cent…

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