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‘Hitman 3’ Dubai Guide: How to Complete ‘How the Mighty Fall’ Mission Story

“Hitman 3,” the final installment of IO Interactive’s “World of Assassination” trilogy and the sequel to “Hitman” and “Hitman 2” brings Agent 47 to a variety of locations to carry out his job as an assassin, and the first location on the list is the stunning city of Dubai.

Hitman 3 Dubai guide How the Mighty Fall

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The first mission of Agent 47 in “Hitman 3” takes place in Dubai.

‘Hitman 3’ Dubai Mission Stories

According to RPS, there are three Mission Stories available in Dubai, namely “How the Mighty Fall,” “Bird of Prey” and “(In)Security.

Each Mission Story is filled with both straightforward missions and tasks that are rather hard to complete unless you know what to do next, so to help you, here’s a walkthrough guide for the first Mission Story of “Hitman 3.”

“How the Mighty Fall” is a perfect introduction to “Hitman 3,” where you test out your skills as Agent 47 in ensuring your targets are isolated and helpless.

DISCLAIMER: The following guide will have major “Hitman 3” spoilers, so read at your own risk:

‘Hitman 3’ How the Might Fall Walkthrough

Your client for this Mission Story is Grey, who tasked you to eliminate the targets so he can get his revenge.

The action begins when you enter the building and get suited up. After that, continue up the stairs and to the left, then check the terminal and activate it. The “floor plan” button will appear, which can access the map. 

To start with the mission, go down the stairs to the staff area. It will be locked, but there’s a keypad lock that will help you access it. Grey will tell you the code: 4706.

Once inside, get the hammer near the vacuum and turn the device on, then hide inside the cupboard until a staff member goes in and turns it off. If the staff is a man, you can stealthily knock him out with the hammer, allowing you to take his clothes. But, if the staff is a woman, let her turn it on. Then, go out and turn the vacuum on again and wait until a man shows up.

After you have found a disguise, go down the corridor and turn left, but be sure you use your Instinct Vision on, a handy “Hitman 3” feature that allows you to see the more attentive staff member with a white dot above his head. Avoid him as much as you can and move once he looks away.

Next, open the windows with the camera, but be careful not to attract the guard’s attention. The woman he is talking to will leave, allowing you to take him down and going out the window. Continue left and climb along the wall this way.

While you’re making your way to your destination, Grey will tell you of a lounge that can be sealed, which is a great place to take down your target.

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Disguising and Getting Admin Privileges

Hitman 3 Dubai guide How the Mighty Fall

(Photo : Hitman / Facebook)
The first Mission Story of “Hitman 3” in Dubai is “How the Mighty Fall.”

Once you reach the place, scan the area with your camera before going in. Make sure no one is around to see you. After getting inside, you’ll need a new disguise, but you can get one by sneaking past the security camera by the toilet and then make a left turn into the storage area, where you’ll find a maintenance worker.

You can knock him out and take his clothes, then hide the body in the cupboard.

Go to the next room, where the terminal is located. Activate it. Then pull one of the server racks, which will trigger a lockdown. Hide behind any of the tech inside the room until the guards leave, then leave the room after they leave.

Head towards the door facing the balcony, making sure you walk past the worker when she’s facing away from you as she would recognize you if she spots you. Then, you will find a man on the balcony, who has the keycard you need. Bash him in the head, and then hide the body in the cupboard, which again is conveniently placed near the body. Don’t forget to take the keycard.

Go back to the server room, can the keycard, and make sure to pull the terminal with the yellow text on the screen (the other terminal will have a green text on the screen.) 

Access to the terminal, then click all of the options. All of the options will turn off the cameras and will open the escape route you need to take, and also rearrange meetings that will help you eliminate the target–all except the bottom right option that will drop a gold bar on the floor of the foyer.

Eliminating the Targets

Outside the storage room you were on earlier, a penthouse guard will be roaming around. You need the disguise so knock him down and get his clothes. Hide the body with the maintenance worker.

Now, head towards the penthouse reception room and then up the stairs. The lounge should be straight ahead.

There will be one guard roaming around who will recognize you, so avoid getting seen by him and just wait for the lounge to be cleared. After the coast is clear and all who is left are your targets, activate the lockdown feature.

You can eliminate your targets whenever you please. If you want, you can hide the bodies.

Once you’re done with the task, go down the stairs in the study and escape through the open elevator shaft, completing the mission.

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