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‘Hitman 3’ Dubai Chameleon: Key, Disguises, Safe Code and How to Complete ALL Challenges

For many players in “Hitman 3”, Chameleon may be one of the most challenging missions to venture into. It can be truly challenging to do so, especially since each mission poses different levels of challenge for every accolade available. As Game Rant notes, in most times, it requires a lot of knowledge and thorough practice to be able to do so. Moreover, players need to disguise in every level for at least one time. As a result, you need to put on new costumes for every level. All in all, the game is a lot of effort, practice, trial, and error. So here, we will take you into a detailed guide to speed up and accomplish the chameleon challenge in Dubai. 

How to Complete 'Hitman 3' Dubai Chameleon Challenge: Game Guide

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Don’t be Afraid to Do Multiple Runs in ‘Hitman 3’

It can be very easy to just think of going into the challenge once. However, it’s important to slow down since different challenges can change each time. According to PC Invasion, don’t be afraid to cross the game over multiple runs. You need to see how to deal with them in every part of the game.

1. Event Security

From the beginning area, head straight back to the curves. A security protect is standing there, observing the opening discourse. Repress him to urge the costume. There’s no place to cover up the body in a place proximate to it, but the mission can effortlessly be restarted here without losing a huge part of the game.

2. Event Staff

You can definitely find the staff on the first floor, in spite of the fact that finding one alone can be precarious. Players who haven’t restarted the level however can discover one effortlessly by going through the bolted entryway to the left side of where the security guard has exited. This is the code: 4706. Head interior and take out the staff on his phone to urge the ensemble. However, be aware that there’s another specialist within the corner, working on something else. Both NPCs can be securely arranged down the adjacent lift shaft.

3. Maintenance Staff

In looking for the maintenance staff, go to the third floor. This could be done the standard way or by means of the exterior of the building by opening windows. Do not stress, opening the windows can easily be done using the camera, it doesn’t require the Dubai admin benefits. There’s a support staff part alone in a clearly labeled Capacity Room whom you should target for the takedown.

4.  Penthouse Guard

In order to get through this, you have to venture into the Angry Birdy challenge of the game. Once you get through this, you can take down the Penthouse guard.

5. Penthouse Staff

For the Penthouse staff, go to the fourth floor. There you will find a lounge room where a purple Xs painting is hanging. Adjacent to the painting is the corridor, where you need to take the first door on the right side. It’s important not to pay attention to the Backwards arabic in the game. There you will find the penthouse staff where nobody can see you.

6. Art Crew

Taking down the art crew can be a challenge, since all of them can be found in the control room in the third floor. Few people are supposed to be there. Target them and wait until one goes to a secluded place. You can also opt to just bring them down with a series of headshots, although it may also risk you doing a reset.

7. Kitchen Staff

For this, you need to head back to the first floor. You can find this one behind the table where the guests are getting their drinks. Enter through the kitchen door. Disguising is the best tactic so you don’t get blocked for respassing. When you enter, you can find kitchen staff and guards. The most strategic is to take down everyone in the room. But make sure to look out for everyone who escapes the carnage. 

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8. Famous Chef

Finding the famous chef is part of the Pick your poison challenge, where you need to kill one of the targets. This is one of the unique costumes that can be done through specific means. By going through the mission, you can take the costume afterwards.

9. Assassin

You will have to go back to the first floor for this one. Another assassin is waiting aside from Agent 47. He will be attempting to enter the building but will get past the checking. The challenging part here is to use distraction tactics in an open area. You can lure the assassin behind the wall, where you can find him as Agent 47 disguised as another assassin.

10. Helicopter Pilot

You will need to look for the helicopter and the key. Automatically you will find the pilot. You can easily take him down from there.

11. Ingram’s Bodyguard

This may be the most challenging one among the others. This one might need careful approach, practice, or restart. Once you finish the helicopter, go the ladder at the nearby catwalk. Investigate the left side of the door. Wherever Ingram is, the bodyguard will be there. You can enter through the fiber wire and bring him out of the door. Ideally, it will go unnoticed. If not, you can try again to perfect this challenge.

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