Thursday, July 29, 2021

Hats to reduce heat on workers in Sharjah

Sharjah (Union)

Sharjah City Municipality has announced the design, implementation and innovation of protective hats to reduce air temperature and humidity, as part of its continuous projects in the optimal utilization of recycling, as these hats were provided to its employees from the support groups working in the field, after they were provided with fans to reduce the heat, embodying the role of The municipality in providing appropriate conditions for its employees and attention to support groups in line with the vision of the smiling emirate in this field, and providing all means for their happiness, comfort, protection and safety, especially with the beginning of the summer
Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Qaidi, Assistant Director-General of the Institutional Support Sector, explained that this project is one of the innovative projects adopted by the municipality to preserve the environment, optimize the use of available resources and preserve the environment, as the municipality has completed about 50 hats as a first phase of the project, through which it aims to provide them For all workers in the field to protect them from the heat and humidity, through the air provided by the fans installed on the sides of the hat.
Al-Qaidi indicated that the municipality is keen to protect the supporting groups from heat exhaustion during the summer through continuous workshops and awareness sessions, providing all necessary protection equipment and tools, and organizing continuous initiatives to distribute cold drinks and ice cream to them, as well as its commitment to the decision to ban work during noon times.

recycled materials
Engineer Hamid Al-Banna, Director of the Transportation Department, explained that these hats were invented and designed from recycled materials, as the base consists of light metal wires that do not add weight, and they are covered with shade nets and reflective signs are placed on them to be seen by road users at night. Two fans on its sides to reduce heat and humidity, noting that these fans work for 3 hours continuously and can be recharged, and the municipality will work to develop them to run on solar energy.

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