Gordon reunites with dog Toto in Dubai


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There he is

Gordon’s great love – his dog Toto – has finally arrived in Dubai.

“And he loves it,” writes the happy presenter with a beach photo.

Gordon emigrated to Dubai on Sunday and had to wait a few days for his pet.

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Cow letters

Peter Pannekoek is going on tour with his New Year’s Eve conference.

The set is transported in a special truck with Pannekoek’s name written in capital letters.

“New show, new truck,” writes the comedian.

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New life in the brewery


Farmer looking for Wife

-participant Steffi Verhagen has a new housemate.

Together with her friend Roel she has adopted Kneet and the dog already seems completely at home.

Nice detail: the puppy comes from another well-known farmer, namely Marnix Knetemann.

Like Verhagen, the farmer participated in the tenth season of the dating program.

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Madonna is working hard on the script for her own biopic and writes on Instagram that it is now really almost finished.

The 63-year-old singer says she is grateful for the support she receives from her children during the making process.

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A special birthday

Fergie and her sister Dana attended a concert by The Rolling Stones on Tuesday night, and there is hardly a more appropriate way to celebrate Dana’s birthday.

The sister of the former Black Eyed Peas singer is a big fan and even named her one child after frontman Mick Jagger.

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Leroy Molkenboer has been able to enjoy his daughter Vivé for a month, but now and then he also has to work.

That means that he sometimes has to miss mother Maxime Meiland and their child.

Fortunately, video calling offers a solution, Molkenboer shows on Instagram.

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Autumn is in full swing and that means rain and cold, but sometimes relatively warm days.

In short: many changes for the skin and Countess Eloise van Oranje seems to have a hard time with that.

On Instagram, she announced that she would prevent the weather conditions with a face mask.

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Happy seven years

Jada Borsato has been happy with her boyfriend Roeland for seven years, she writes on Instagram.

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever met, inside and out. You are not only the love of my life, but also my soulmate, my best friend and I learn from you every day,” said the eighteen-year-old singer.

Roeland is also a singer.

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Fred van Leer shares a photo from the old box on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Styling job for the


with Kim and Jim”, writes the stylist.

Jim Bakkum and Kim-Lian van der Meij can laugh about it.

“Unforgettable. My hat was also great,” said the singer.

“Hahaha, this one is gold”, says the presenter.

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New love

Thomas Cammaert is in love.

And just like that

“, the 37-year-old actor writes on Instagram with a photo with his friend.

He closes the message with a heart.

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Shirma Rouse has to recover in the bath: the singer has cycled more than 10 kilometers and that was not easy.

It was the first time in twenty years that the 41-year-old singer was on a bicycle.


Shirma Rouse went cycling a long way

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Weird hair

Carice van Houten has put on a cap, but that is not to shield her hair from the world.

The actress writes that it does not matter to her that her hair is a bit strange.

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One year older

Kim Feenstra had reason for a party this weekend and now shares the photos of it: her son has turned one year old.

Brooklyn, as her child is called, probably won’t remember too much of the game, but that didn’t spoil the fun: the whole thing had a 



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Behind the scenes

Miley Cyrus is touring the US and sharing photos of what goes on behind the scenes.

The singer is wearing a striking outfit: a bright blue suit with large black dots on it and a T-shirt over it.

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In the gondola

Bridget Maasland enjoys a holiday in Italy with her son Mees.

During a visit to the city of Venice, a boat trip on the famous canals is inevitable.

Bridget can now even check off one of the activities on her bucket list, she writes on Instagram.

“Bucket list:


Venice, check!”

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Greta was fantastic

Rick Astley is


that climate activist Greta Thunberg


his song

Never Gonna Give You Up


Eighteen-year-old Thunberg did this during the

Fridays for Future

benefit concert

in Stockholm.

On Sunday evening, 55-year-old Astley shared a video of the performance on Twitter.

“Fantastic. Thank you very much,” he writes in Swedish, Thunberg’s language.

The video shows Thunberg dancing and singing on stage with another activist.


Fantastic and Tack så mycket!

Rick x 🌍 @GretaThunberg @ClimateLive2021 https://t.co/UXs4zypoNc


Author Rick AstleyMoment of places20: 59 – October 17, 2021

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Gone are the good intentions

Chantal Janzen had thought of it this way: she would no longer let her children fall asleep on your lap and would no longer sit next to them all evenings when they have to sleep.

But then, it’s vacation and like many people, all good intentions go overboard.

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André Hazes is back

The entire Dutch tabloid press was waiting for André Hazes at Schiphol on Sunday when he arrived there from Alicante.

The singer had disappeared from the scene for a while and so the photographers were eager for some images.

It must have been a fierce return for Hazes: on arrival a lot of photos were taken of him immediately, including by Edwin Smulders.

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Friends forever

Katja Schuurman and Dinand Woesthoff hadn’t seen each other for a while and so it was time for a reunion.

On Instagram, the presenter writes that she understands herself and her good friend better and better.

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That should be celebrated

Amy Vol turned 26 today and the singer of OG3NE should celebrate that.

On Instagram she shares a photo of herself with a bottle of wine in hand.

The second photo shows that the bottle is not yet open.

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