Going paperless: Dubai’s RTA to start issuing e-tickets for vehicle offences


Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority is replacing paper tickets for vehicle offences with digital ones that will be sent through email or text message.

The move is in line with Dubai government’s ‘Paperless Strategy’, which aims to ensure all transactions are carried out digitally.

Previously, tickets were printed out on paper and were left on the motorist’s windshield.

“The initiative is also compatible with the precautionary measures against Covid-19 by avoiding the touching of paper,” said Hasan Khanjar, an engineer with the RTA.

“It contributes to financial sustainability by saving paper and printing-related costs. It fits with the smart inspection initiative where offences are issued remotely via the smart vehicle.

“It also respects the privacy of the client as no paper ticket will be placed at the front of the vehicle.”

The efforts are part of Dubai government’s 'paperless strategy', which aims to ensure all transactions are performed digitally. RTA
The efforts are part of Dubai government’s ‘paperless strategy’, which aims to ensure all transactions are performed digitally. RTA

A new feature on the RTA’s website will show an image of the vehicle and the location of the offence.

Another new feature will allow the owner of the vehicle to list the driver’s contact details if the car is rented or belongs to a company.

This will ensure the e-ticket can be delivered to the driver and the owner of the vehicle.

For vehicles not registered in the country, owners are required to register in the ‘notifications feature’ to get regular updates.

Payment of parking fines for vehicles registered in other countries is now available on the RTA website.

“The e-ticketing of vehicles supports Dubai Government’s efforts to become the smartest city in the world and contributes to improving the payment of parking fees service,” Mr Khanjar said .

“Earlier this March, RTA launched a campaign to educate and urge the public to update contact details of their vehicles and familiarise them with the new initiative enabling clients to specify the contact details of the driver (not the owner) to whom the tickets will be issued.”

Published: March 29, 2021 08:24 PM