Global Indian International School, Dubai, Finds a New Address in Meydan Street


The Dubai campus of Global Indian International School Education has announced that plans are underway to move the campus to a new location in the city. Currently located in Barsha south, GIIS Dubai will be relocating its campus to the pristine location of Meydan Street in Dubai with effect from April 2021, bringing a one of a kind holistic and hybrid CBSE curriculum to the residents of Dubai. The existing GIIS parents will continue to enjoy the proximity of the new location, which will be more accessible by public transport. Each nurturing facility at the new GIIS Dubai campus will combine a world-class curriculum, high-quality support for teachers and integrated assessment.

The new location checks all the boxes of accessibility, space, capacity and curriculum. Several state-of-the-art upgrades have been planned and are being set up in the new campus for all grades. While the currently running successful practices will continue, there are several new initiatives for the new campus.

With more outdoor learning spaces and expanded STREAM (Research-based) areas, GIIS aims to give children more opportunities and room to learn, grow, and thrive. By introducing culinary and gardening activities linked to conceptual learning and fun-filled activities conducted to teach children important life skills.

GIIS Dubai will be relocating its campus to Meydan Street with effect from April 2021

A petting zoo will help children develop non-verbal communication, compassion, and empathy through their interaction with animals at a young age. The new campus will see many more open learning spaces to encourage better physical health, increase the vitamin D intake of children, improve their motor skills and fuel their creativity.

 “With this big shift happening for GIIS Dubai – there are also a range of financial grants to select from that encourage merit, competency and academic excellence. We have a facility to accommodate the modern education requirements of children. We are excited to see our students, teachers, and staff reap the benefits of the upgraded facility as we move into our new campus later this year. It will honour our cultural diversity and expand our scope of providing holistic education as we empower our students and families to learn, grow and succeed together,” said Ramesh Mudgal, Principal, GIIS Dubai.

GIIS aims to give children more opportunities and room to learn, grow, and thrive

GIIS’s carefully crafted programmes help students get ready for the world, equipping them with the skills they need to achieve at school, university level and in their career. They prepare school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. Highly regarded for its global approach to education, GIIS believes in nurturing a multicultural community in a holistic manner that focuses on all developmental aspects as part of its unique 9 GEMS curriculum. The new campus has been designed to help students discover new abilities and a wider world by giving them the skills they need for life.