GARTH opens today at The 9 Lounge, Kempinski Mall of Emirates


We have all experienced that “hidden gem” high, when we discover an exciting new find, that piques our interest and makes us feel right at home. We can envisage this new gem becoming an intrinsic part of our lifestyle, serving to bolster our love of the city. Expect to have your hidden gem radar to be well and truly activated by the captivating neo-bistro, GARTH that is cocooned in the 9 Lounge, Kempinski Mall of Emirates. This isn’t a restaurant that you’ll happen to chance upon, it requires some seeking and that’s all part of the appeal.

GARTH, a multi-dimensional dining destination, that was previously a member’s only establishment, will open its doors to the public on 25th May 2022. Everyone is invited to bask in the laid-back ambience while savouring the unconventional flavours of a deeply innovative, Southern Mediterranean menu.

This homegrown concept was conceived and curated by OY Hospitality, with co-founder, Yuriy Blotskyy sharing the vision that drove GARTH “Concepts are driven from inner desires. The desire of bringing about modern metropolitan culture code into the city I reside in. The desire of wanting to enhance my own personal life, my environment, and my everyday routine. The desire of finding the right elements, the key people to turn all of this into reality. GARTH is an expression of that vision by itself, not merely a restaurant, but rather an authentic lifestyle, the perfect place for all the in between and after. Because with OY, nothing is random.”

Dynamism is firmly rooted at the core of GARTH. It is a multi-faceted dining destination, that boasts unmistakeable vibrance, a funky vibe, and a warm welcome. The dynamism refers to the experiential layering that awaits. Whether you’re looking for an easy going, yet elegant lunch or a lights dimmed, while the mood is elevated dinner, you can expect GARTH to deliver on every level.

Co-helmed by OY Hospitality’s Executive Chefs Alena Solodovichenko and Head Chef Mohamed Musthafa, this dynamic duo have created a stellar menu befitting of GARTH’s new era. The new menu serves up unique, Southern European cuisine that is both healthy and hearty, tasty and wholesome. A Nirvana for foodies, this delicious menu holds unconventionality in the highest regard, with every dish a re-imagined celebration of flavours.

Michelin Star nominee and GQ’s Super Woman 2021, Alena Solodovichenko who previously led the kitchen at Doctor Zhivago, a legendary restaurant in Moscow, says “Alongside my culinary co-captain Chef Mohamed Musthafa, we have put an entirely new spin on Southern European comfort food, catapulted by our combined knowledge, diverse experiences, the tastes of our childhood and a few family secret recipes thrown in for good measure. Our menu is awash with surprises, we have worked hard to create dishes that will excite the most discerning of palates with influences from Italy, Greece, and Southern France. Dubai is a city replete with fantastic restaurants, but what we offer is a truly unique dining experience. We are so excited for the public to savour the fruits of our labour.”

We have created a list of dishes you should try, starting with hummus and marinated artichokes, which is served with scallion flatbread. A delightful combination of classics and new trends.

The beef tartar is a re-imagined classic, starring in an interesting performance alongside capers, sun-dried tomatoes and truffle sauce, served with Jerusalem artichoke chips and generously sprinkled with Gruyère cheese.

The endive salad with blue cheese ice cream sees crispy chicory leaves combined with a spicy green onion sauce with pecans. The whole composition on the plate is complemented by author’s blue cheese ice cream.

White asparagus with black caviar and champagne sauce, delightfully melds gourmet white asparagus cooked in brown butter, served with a classic French champagne béarnaise sauce and black sturgeon caviar. Nothing extra! This is something you should enjoy with a glass of champagne.

Seafood lovers will rejoice at the prospect of local hamour with scallop velouté and zucchini linguine that sees the freshest hamour encased in a crispy crust and served with a delicate creamy scallop-based velouté, lightly marinated and moderately crispy zucchini linguini combined with parsley foam.

This dish will make you come back again and again.

Desserts have also been completely updated, apart from the branded tiramisu, which our guests adore. We serve hazelnut fondant with malt ice cream, and if you’re taking a healthier approach, you should try our beetroot brownie with coconut sauce. The brownie is made from roasted beets and is made without white sugar, gluten, or lactose. The chefs replaced wheat flour with rice flour, and agave syrup is used instead of sugar. Coconut cream pairs perfectly with beetroot brownies, fresh blackberries provide balance, and coconut chips provide crunchy texture. The dessert perfectly finished with a sprinkle of hibiscus powder.

Adding to the experiential excellence, international sommelier, celebrated wine journalist, and all-round grape aficionado Olga Bebekina will be on hand with her extensive knowledge of wine and of course, that all important wine pairing to optimally elevate a meal. Like everything at GARTH, Olga takes a different approach to her wine bounty, creating a well curated list that is easily digested and simple to navigate.

Inspired by a reimagined Parisian dining, GARTH delivers a chic and stylish aesthetic. The contemporary interiors mirror the design centric DNA of GARTH that places real importance on stunning optics, whilst respecting the fundamentals of minimalism. Bedecked in a tasteful palette of warm beiges, browns, creams, and dusky pinks with contrasting textures, a gorgeous pampas grass display, and a white baby grand piano adding to the effortlessly cool ambience.

At GARTH you’ll also find a dedicated cigar lounge that boasts a cosy, modern and funky atmosphere, with well-chosen contemporary music, optimally setting the scene.

Now that GARTH is open to the public, new guests can expect to be engulfed in the unmistakeable elegance and style of this fabulous new hidden gem, that is just waiting to be discovered, in the heart of The 9 Lounge, Kempinski Mall of Emirates, with valet parking conveniently available.