Ford and CAFU Join Forces to Reinvent Car Fuelling In the UAE


CAFU x Ford

American automaker Ford and Dubai born startup, CAFU, today announced a new strategic partnership to reinvent the refuelling experience through Ford’s SYNC communications and entertainment system in the United Arab Emirates. As part of CAFU’s vision of convenience in motion, the technology tie-up will mean that Ford and Lincoln customers will be able to order fuel seamlessly and directly from their infotainment systems. This is a first-of-its-kind partnership and service in the region and is now available to citizens and residents of the UAE. 

“Our partnership with Ford marks a new era of convenience in motion enabled by technology and innovative thinking.  It is another step forward in our long-term vision for CAFU of making life better through greater car connectivity, predictive enabled features, and innovation evolving the consumer experience towards further convenience and ease of use to make operating a car simpler and smarter. Ford and Lincoln customers in the UAE will now be able to make the refuelling experience predicative and easier than ever before with CAFU, making visiting and queuing up at a petrol station a thing of the past,” said CAFU Founder and CEO, Rashid Al Ghurair.


The partnership will benefit Ford and Lincoln customers in the UAE owning 2017 model year vehicles onwards, that are equipped with SYNC2 and SYNC3 communications and entertainment systems. The integration will allow customers to connect to their CAFU account via Bluetooth on their Android Operating System enabling them to make a refuelling order while keeping their eyes on the road.

As part of the technology integration, the teams at CAFU and Ford have worked to build unique predictive features that will alert the customer to refuel when the fuel level gauge hits 20 per cent or less. A pop-up prompt to refuel will automatically appear, leading to the next available CAFU refuelling slot based on the selected location notified by the customer.

With CAFU’s on-demand refuelling service operating across parts of the UAE, customers will be able to refuel on the go at the same price as the petrol station with no delivery fees saving time and avoiding queues.

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