Saturday, July 24, 2021

Find out what’s in store when you enroll in Emirates Business Rewards Program

Emirates has been empowering small and medium-sized enterprises to get back into the skies and turn their travel budgets into rewards by enrolling in their Business Rewards Program. Small and medium-sized businesses signing up for an account in Emirates’ Business Rewards corporate loyalty program from June 27 to July 27 will receive 10,000 Business Reward Bonus Points, which is equivalent to one Economy Class return ticket to selected destinations in Europe.

With countries easing their entry restrictions, business travel starts to pick up, and small and medium-sized enterprises have become key drivers of demand with the flexibility to make travel plans quickly as new opportunities emerge. Emirates Business Rewards program members are taking advantage of the airline’s flexible booking policies, which are among the most generous in the industry for stress-free travel planning, in addition to its multi-risk insurance cover. Members were provided additional reassurance with extensions on their points’ validity if travel plans needed to be adjusted.

Knowing their travel plans are protected, top destinations for Business Rewards program members have been frequenting during the pandemic include London, Manila, Paris, Cairo, Milan, and Beirut. Dubai also continues to be a key destination regularly visited by Business Rewards members, mainly due to its open business environment throughout the pandemic, world-class infrastructure, and thriving start-up ecosystem.

Businesses of all sizes can also ensure their health and safety expectations are taken care of throughout their journey. Emirates has been leading the industry with clear, consistent, and properly implemented safety measures at every touchpoint, including a contactless travel journey and digital verification solutions such as the IATA Travel Pass to ensure it remains the preferred airline for business travelers.

With over 20,000 small and medium-sized businesses enrolled in its Business Rewards program, Emirates has been consistently providing a gamut of benefits including simplified enrollment, easier earning, and redemptions, greater flexibility on retaining and using points as well as upgrade opportunities, even on last-minute bookings.

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