Filipino Artist in Dubai: Romeo Robis


Born in Manila, Philippines, Dubai based filipino artist Romeo Robis started his career as a graphic designer in the late 1990s after graduating from Technological University of the Philippines – College of Fine Arts. Romeo draws his influences from a wide range of sources: from popular animations and manga, graphic design to contemporary art. Having worked on a range of media over the years, from acrylic and oil to pen & ink and on to digital art and photography, he developed a personal affinity with human connections and emotions and the oftentimes overlooked beauty in reality, which all of this has greatly inspired and reflected in his work.

“My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, the mundane experiences that bring us joy and to discover that there is beauty in unusual places.”

His recent painting style has also evolved to mimic nature, from strong overlapping contrast of vivid colors to vine-like and continuous lines interconnecting the subject to its environment. “A clear statement that all things in life are connected in one way or another and that every twist and turn of our decisions will lead us into something new. The narrative has always been about humanity, the challenges and triumph, the suffering and success and the belief that all good things will come to those who seek and strive.” Recently, his artworks have been displayed at World Art Dubai.