FIFA ranking: Senegal keeps the lead, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco up thanks to CHAN!


FIFA published this Thursday its first nations ranking for the year 2021. The 32 matches of CHAN 2020 (the equivalent of CAN for local players), a competition taken into account by FIFA and which was won by Morocco, led to slight changes.

The Atlas Lions thus gain 2 places at the world level and consolidate their status as the 4th African nation behind Senegal, Tunisia and Algeria. Unfortunate CHAN finalist Mali jump three places, while bronze medalist Guinea and quarter-finalist Congo both earn one place.

At the global level, no change in the Top 10 still led by Belgium. See you on April 8 for the next edition which will take into account the last two days of the CAN 2021 qualifiers scheduled for the end of March.

The world’s top 10

1. Belgium
2. France
3. Brazil
4. England
5. Portugal
6. Spain
7. Argentina
8. Uruguay
9. Mexico
10. Italy

The African top 20

1. Senegal (20th globally)
2. Tunisia (26th)
3. Algeria (31st)
4. Morocco (33rd)
5. Nigeria (36th)
6. Egypt (49th)
7. Cameroon (50th)
8. Ghana (52nd)
9. Mali (54th)
10. Burkina Faso (58th)
11. DRC (60th)
12. Ivory Coast (61st)
13. South Africa (71st)
14. Guinea (72nd)
15. Cape Verde (80th)
16. Benin (82nd)
17. Uganda (83rd)
18. Gabon (86th)
19. Congo (90th)
20. Zambia (90th)