Fasting in Saudi Arabia begins from Tuesday


The moon of the holy month of Ramadan was not seen in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. For this reason, the holy fasting is starting in the country from Tuesday, April 13.

This has been said in the news of Gulf News and Arab News.

According to the report, the moon sighting committee of Saudi Arabia sat in a meeting on Sunday (April 11) evening. The moon of the month of Ramadan could not be seen in the Arabian sky with the naked eye. Monday (April 12) will be considered the 30th day of the month of Shaban. Therefore, fasting has been announced from Tuesday.

The month of Ramadan in the Hijri year is considered as a holy month by Muslims all over the world. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated after fasting throughout the month.

In keeping with Saudi Arabia, Ramadan is celebrated in several other countries in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, and Malaysia.

The moon can be seen in the sky of Bangladesh after a day of Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia. Fasting and Eid are celebrated in Bangladesh the day after the Middle Eastern countries.