Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Expo Dubai: Sustainability pavilion opens

NAPLES – The Sustainability pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will open this month. It is one of the first great insights into the Dubai Expo which will start in its entirety on October 1 after it was postponed last year due to Covid-19.
The Sustainability pavilion, the newspaper The National explains, showcases contemporary eco-friendly attractions.
Sustainability is one of the expo’s three sub-themes and vies to raise awareness on human impact on the environment, the newspaper reported. The pavilion, called ‘Terra’, or planet earth, is operated from solar energy through 1,055 solar panels.
It covers 6,300 square meters of the expo site and is provided with recycled water. The panels are huge ”energy trees” that move following the light of the sun: it has been calculated that in a year they will produce electricity that would be sufficient for an electrical car to cover the distance between the earth and Mars.
”The choice is to recognize sustainability and environmental issues as a priority for humanity”, Marjan Faraidooni, chief experience officer at the expo, told news outlets during a visit to the pavilion prior to its opening. ”We have the responsibility to transfer these priorities to the public and so we hope that everyone is personally inspired in their choices and their impact on the environment”.
The pavilion includes an underground forest and ocean, which are both interactive, that show the negative impact of humans on the planet, indicating to visitors the human consumption of meat, paper, cosmetics and how all this leads to climate change.
There are many experiences for visitors inside, like games that are useful to raise awareness on the issue. At the end of the Expo, the Sustainability Pavilion will be transformed into a scientific learning center for children. 

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