Expo Dubai: summit on water, energy, food security


(ANSAmed) – NAPLES, APRIL 16 – The United Arab Emirates,
Jordan and the Netherlands are jointly organizing a two-day
summit on the themes of water, energy and food security as part
of the 2020 Dubai Expo.

The summit, The National reports, will be held in January
2022 and will coincide with Sustainability Week scheduled in Abu
Dhabi, combining a project of policies with practical solutions
for water, energy and nutrition challenges.

They include challenges that affect the availability of
water, as well as the effects of climate change on food and
energy and the correlation of these issues with the increase of
the global population and the growth of urbanization. The
world’s population is expected to reach almost 10 billion by
2050, making the management of water resources ever more

“Jordan, the UAE and the Netherlands share many water, energy
and food security challenges, so working together and sharing
our knowledge and experiences in all three areas will enable us
to draw on our collective expertise to deliver the best possible
results”, said Mariam Al Mheri, UAE minister for food security.

“The summit will be one of the most relevant appointments of
Expo and will allow our countries to create a road map for our
resources and to adopt more sustainable systems, not just for
the three countries but to share with the international

Initiatives with youths from the three countries will be
organized ahead of the summit to explore the challenges for
water, energy and food, with the results that will be presented
to world leaders during the event in Dubai by the young
ambassadors. (ANSAmed).