Expo Dubai: Space Rider ‘will revolutionize medical science’


(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 19 – The European Space Agency’s
pioneering Space Rider programme will help revolutionize medical
sciences, Italian aerospace firm Avio CEO Giulio Ranzo said on
Expo Dubai’s Space Week.
    Avio is closely involved in the programe with a new version of
its Vega C launcher.
    “Space Rider will make possible the creation of services in
space over a long space of time and therefore to carry out
activities that were previously not possible, such as
pharmaceutical research in conditions of microgravity,” he said.
    ESA’s Space Rider will be a reusable unmanned space vehicle
which will reach Low Earth Orbit to carry out different types of
    The Space Rider would be fully integrated with Vega C to provide
a space laboratory for payloads to operate in orbit for a
variety of applications in missions lasting about two months.