Expo Dubai: Puglia delegation visits Airport freezone


(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 20 – On the last day of the Puglia
regional government’s mission to Expo Dubai 2020, economic
development councillor Alessandro Delli Noci met the heads of
the Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA), which supports the
institution of companies and the creation of activities.
    DAFZA, a note from the region said, is one of the freezones in
the region that is growing fastest, contributing 4.7% of Dubai’s
    It allows international investors to get a business
configuration and an execution of services completely free from
duties. Covering some 696,000 square metres, it includes 18
buildings and 256 warehouses.
    “One of the goals of this mission,” said Delli Noci, “is to try
and understand the business models of a country in huge
development and to try to build opportunities for cooperation
and investment.”
He said trade over the last 10 years had shown a continually
positive balance for Puglia, with exports always surpassing
    “On this premise, we met today with the heads of DAFZA, to whom
we presented our airport system closely linked to the port
system, offering favourable conditions for businesses wanting to
invest in our region, to boost trade ties with the United Arab
Emirates and conditions which make Puglia a central hub in the
    Antonio Vasile, vice president of Aeroporti di Puglia, said: “We
came here to offer our four special freezones of Bari, Brindisi,
Foggia and Grottaglie, and we also came here to verify the
quality of their freezones. Developing partnerships is the goal
of the future, you can’t do very much on your own”. (ANSA).