Expo Dubai: Glisenti, 26 videos selected for innovation space


(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 14 – “159 contributions were collected from all Italian research centers and universities, it was an extraordinary response, of great interest, the Cnrr was very busy selecting about sixty of them for their level of scientific contribution to our we have selected 24 projects and quests, which will be broadcast in the pavilion, in rotation, every day, every six months of the year with a story, a story of innovation and research “. This was said by the Commissioner for Italian Participation in Expo Dubai, Paolo Glisenti, presenting the selection of videos from the Observatory of Innovation of the Italian Pavilion, to tell the world about Italian work in two “very important” sectorsfor our country in which scientific research and technological innovation become essential tools to respond to the challenges of contemporaneity and sustainability: water and space. Glisenti then explained that “the other 54 videos will still be available, and therefore we do not waste absolutely anything of what has been collected with Cnrr”. (HANDLE).