Expo Dubai: Dolce&Gabbana celebrate Italian beauty


(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 21 – Dolce&Gabbana are celebrating
authentic Italian beauty with an exhibit at the Italian pavilion
at Expo Dubai 2020 on the theme “Beauty unites people”.
    For this homage to beauty, Dolce&Gabbana have designed and made
an installation that celebrates Italy’s artistic heritage: an
architectural structure with Baroque shapes, typical of the
architecture of the 18th-century gardens in southern Italy,
which winds its way around the lush kitchen-garden of the
pavilion, in a dialogue with its colours. The octagonal columns
and the sitting places carved into the wall are entirely covered
with 1,200 beautifully made maiolica works, hand painted by
Sicilian master ceramicists with floral patterns, bougainvillea
fringes, citrus fruit and bucolic landscapes. In the tradition
of artisanal work, each individual tile has been made of a
mixture of clay and Sicilian lava stone powder, and decorated
with natural colours from mineral oxides.
    “The installation,” organizers said, “aims to be a symbol of and
testimony to the ability of the Italian art maestros in all
their fields of activity, a priceless immaterial patrimony, the
depositaries of knowhow and skill that risk being lost forever,
in a distracted and superficial era, unless they become the
subject of diffusion, encouragement, valorization and
communication to the wider public and to new generations.”
Dolce&Gabbana’s commitment to Expo Dubai 2020 continues with
another initiative involving the young volunteers at the Italian
Pavilion: the fashion house has in fact designed and made the
uniforms for the 60 students from Italian universities who
accompany visitors through the exhibition space. (ANSA).