Expo Dubai: digital ‘twin’ of Michelangelo’s David completed


FLORENCE – A digital ‘twin’ of Michelangelo’s sculpture ‘David’ has been completed in a laboratory in Florence and it will leave the city on Thursday.

In the coming days it will be flown to Dubai, where it will represent Italy at the Dubai Expo.

The reproduction of the famous work of art held in Florence’s Accademia di Firenze museum was made through sophisticated digitalisation and then 3D printing in 14 pieces.

The lengthy process began in December and finished on Thursday.

The ‘twin’ is the same size as the original sculpture but weighs 400 kilograms plus 150 for its base while the original weighs 5 tons. It was made of acrylic resin covered in marble powder.

The digital David will arrive in Dubai next week by plane and will be officially presented on April 26.