Friday, June 25, 2021

Expo Dubai: Di Maio reveals David twin, will bring tourists

(ANSAmed) – DUBAI, APRIL 27 – The 3D copy of the David of
Michelangelo that makes up the heart of the Italy Pavilion at
Expo 2020 Dubai was revealed in a brief ceremony with Italian
Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, Italy Commissioner Paolo
Glisenti, Fincantieri President Giampiero Massolo, Florence
Mayor Dario Nardella and Emirati authorities.

“Looking at this reproduction of Michelangelo, millions of
people who will pass through this pavilion will want to visit
Italy, to come or to return to Italy, and this will help us in
post-pandemic recovery to strengthen tourist traffic,” Di Maio
said, highlighting the concentration of “art and history, but
also science and technology” in the twin of David.

Just before, Di Maio and Massolo launched – by cutting the
ribbon that broke the bottle – the three ships, built by
Fincantieri, that make up the roof of the Italy Pavilion.

The ships are three overturned hulls covered in white, red and
green, “the largest Tricolore in the world”.

“The hulls are the symbol of navigation, and with this we wanted
to highlight the idea of Italy on the march, of the Italy that
moves, and that is up to the challenge of the times,” Massolo
told ANSA.(ANSAmed).

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