Expo 2020 Dubai is giving visitors even more reasons to celebrate 2022 with an eclectic line-up of artists in January


DUBAI, 07 January 2022 – Keeping the New Year’s resolution going to make 2022 full of unbridled fun, the second week of January at Expo 2020 Dubai is getting the next 12 months off to an uplifting, harmonious start.

Jordanian indie band Autostrad will perform a mix of rock, reggae, Latin and funk at Jubilee Stage on 8 January. The band, who have released four studio albums, have gained popularity amongst Jordanian youth, thanks to their music evoking daily life in the country.

Two acclaimed Arabic music artists, Fouad Abdulwahed and Dalia Mubarak, will form part of Expo 2020’s Jalsat Nights series on 12 January at Jubilee Stage. Audiences can look forward to Mubarak’s foot-tapping hits, such as ‘Ya Hesede’, ‘Gasban An Elkel’ and ‘La Teht’, and enjoy Abdulwahed perform tracks like ‘Samara Ya Samara’, ‘Ana Asdaq’ and ‘Allah Jabak’.

Abdulwahed, who will be present his new songs for the first time to a live audience is looking forward to conveying a “message of love and peace among human beings,” while Mubarak, who enjoys performing works written by well-known poets, composed by great musicians, is excited to show the rest of the world that the “the Arab region is full of talent, and with people who love life.”

Singer, actor, writer, poet, musician, painter, film and music producer Ali Zafar is one of the bestselling Pakistani music artists of all time. Known for being one of Asia’s most versatile performers, Zafar, who has three hit music albums to his credit, will be entertaining concert-goers at Jubilee Stage on 13 January, during which he will expresses Pakistan’s solidarity with the United Arab Emirates as a brotherly nation.

Also, on 13 January, another Pakistani performer, Ali Noor, lead vocalist of pop rock band Noori, will keep the crowd rocking at Jubilee Park with an upbeat set.

Indian music composer, production, singing and song-writing duo Vishal & Shekhar, who have been streamed over 3 billion times on YouTube, and who have had 72 No. 1 singles, will be serenading the audience at Jubilee Park on 14 January with some of their greatest hits, including their most recent songs, ‘Bharat’, ‘War’ and ‘Baaghi 3’.

Also on 14 January, Egyptian rock band Cairokee, who came to prominence in 2011, will be entertaining at Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre, performing songs from their hit album Noaata Beda, meaning Drop of White, featuring the song ‘Noaata Beda’, which racked up 11 million views on YouTube.

Mexican nomad sounds producer DJ Satori will take over with a set that is as unexpected as it is hypnotic. Relying on the sonic structure of African music to make his performances stand out, audiences are in for something unique.

Autostrad perform on 8 January at Jubilee Park at 2100 GST; Jalsat @ Expo with Fouad Abdulwahed and Dalia Mubarak takes place on 12 January at Jubilee Stage at 2000 GST; Ali Zafar performs on 13 January at Jubilee Stage at 1930 GST; Abida Parveen performs on 14 January at Jubilee Stage at 2100 GST; Vishal & Shekhar perform at 2100 GST, Cairokee at 2200 GST, and DJ Satori at 2330 GST on 14 January at Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre.

Entry to all concerts is free to Expo 2020 ticket-holders, but concert-goers are advised to arrive early.