Explore nature through Elizabeth Dorazio’s collage at XVA Gallery in Dubai


To promote contemporary art and support emerging talent whilst encouraging modern-day art in the Arab region, various art galleries in the city have been conducting exhibitions.

Dubai’s XVA Gallery, too, has been steering such young talents by laying a strong focus on contemporary art. The art gallery has announced an upcoming exhibition ‘Drawings & Editions’ by artist Elizabeth Dorazio that will take place from April 30 to June 11, 2021.

Located in Dubai’s heritage district, the retro gallery will shelter the young artist’s work that is sheltered by large leaves, huge flowers, gigantic trunks of the plants and nature’s exuberance.

As the Brazilian-born, Dubai-based artist Elizabeth showcases her latest solo exhibition, her works are a collection of photographic collages that stem from her symbolic and intuition of the natural worldview.

Having studied art history under Rodrigo Naves (one of Brazil’s leading art critics and scholars), Dorazio’s line of work primarily centres around mixed media works and installations.

Known for her exploring nature through collage, her artwork is landscapes that place humans in the shoes of a stranger observing a vegetal and aqueous world. Her work depicts the visual cultures and popular techniques of Brazil and the UAE.

Featuring forests, woods, rivers, mountains, clouds, the sky, light, shadows, and fauna through her work, she intends to show her love for nature, with the striking pieces.

The XVA Gallery is open daily from 10 AM until 6 PM and art enthusiasts can view her work during these timings amidst strict safety protocols.

Image: Elizabeth Dorazio | Instagram