Experts: The UAE is ready for the future


Yousef Al Arabi (Abu Dhabi)

Experts in the information technology sector confirmed that the launch of the National Program for Programmers constitutes a qualitative leap for the Emirates in the technology sector, and enhances the UAE’s position as the first destination for digital talent, especially as the program focuses on developing talent, expertise and innovative projects specialized in programming, and accelerating the adoption of its applications and tools in various economic and future sectors. In addition to creating a close link between the programmers community, government, private and academic agencies.

  • Thanks Eid

Shukri Eid, CEO of Cisco in the Gulf region, told Al-Ittihad: Establishing a skilled and young workforce and encouraging innovation within the startup environment are essential factors for moving towards a digital economy and promoting a digital and inclusive future.
He added: The Emirates Center, as the best country in the region in digital readiness, is evidence of the efforts of the government and local investors in promoting the transformation towards a digital economy.
He pointed out that after the clarity of the positive effects that have been achieved in this framework, the UAE is again taking confident steps to become a force not only regional, but also global in the field of technology, which is a true translation of a more comprehensive digital future approach.
Shoukry added: “Cisco is pleased to be a partner in the “National Program for Programmers” initiative, which will be added to our track record of success in creating future-ready generations.

  • Taj Al-Khayyat
    Taj Al-Khayyat

Taj Al-Khayat, Regional Director of Citrix in the Middle East and North Africa, said: The UAE is at the forefront of countries attracting digital talent in the region, as a result of the availability of advanced infrastructure and a business environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.
Al-Khayyat stressed that the program constitutes a qualitative leap for the UAE, especially in the technology sector, as the program focuses on providing practical solutions that ensure the best favorable conditions for attracting digital talent and programmers, in addition to creating a close link between the programmers community, government, private and academic agencies.
He pointed out that the National Program for Programmers was integrated, providing programmers with clear answers about the residency systems and the incentives granted, in order to ensure the success of the program.
He noted that the program, in turn, contributes to retaining Arab talents and attracting rare international talents.
He said: The establishment of new digital companies and the increase of investments directed to emerging companies, enhances the position of the UAE as the first destination for digital companies in the region, and increases its competitive capabilities to attract expertise.

Philip Bahoshy, CEO and founder of Magnet, which specializes in monitoring acquisitions in the Middle East, said that the human element represents the basis of the development process in any field, noting that programmers represent the core of the technological progress process.
He stressed that the launch of the National Program for Programmers constitutes a qualitative leap for the UAE, as programmers face current and future challenges.
He noted that the program’s inclusion of golden residency systems for programmers from all over the world ensures that many of them are attracted to participate in the information technology community in the UAE.
He explained that the UAE is at the forefront of the host countries for the headquarters of emerging companies in the region, and the start-up companies in the country receive the highest percentage of the total funds directed to this type of companies, and have a proven track record that no one in the Middle East can match in incubating emerging ideas and projects.

  • Ammar the owner
    Ammar the owner

Ammar Al Malik, Director General of Dubai Internet City, said: “Our wise leadership always returns to anticipating the future and preparing for it and keenness on the spirit of initiative, and what His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced about the launch of The National Program for Programmers is an extension of this strategy, and this initiative will consolidate the UAE’s position as a meeting place for the most prominent talents, emerging companies and international companies alike.”
He added that, since its establishment, Dubai Internet City has played an enabling and supportive role for the technology sectors and the talents working in it, and we are proud that the major global technology companies, startups and entrepreneurs within Dubai Internet City play a vital role in achieving the goals of this initiative.
He continued: The past few years, especially last year with the beginning of the Corona pandemic, have proven that the digital economy and technological transformation in various sectors are a necessity to ensure the competitiveness of countries and the attractiveness of economies, and as usual, the UAE was proactive in dealing with the effects of the pandemic thanks to its embrace of the best companies and minds, as efforts combined and exceeded everyone The effects of the crisis and even succeeded in turning challenges into opportunities. Programming is at the heart of these transformations, whether in terms of software development, digital solutions and applications, or machine programming, and it is a pillar for future industries such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing, and others.

Ahmed Sheikhani, Chairman of the Pakistan Business Council in Dubai, told Al Ittihad: The UAE National Program for Programmers is a milestone in the digital economy agenda of the UAE, and also reflects the future vision of the rational leadership. He pointed out that the National Program for Programmers harnesses the digital revolution, and a vital pillar in the progress of the United Arab Emirates in many fields. He pointed out that the granting of 100,000 golden visas to the best 100,000 programmers in the world heralds a promising digital future for the United Arab Emirates, as it strengthens its position as a regional leader in this field. Sheikhani noted that linking the best technology giants in the world with the UAE academic community means planting the seeds of creativity and qualifying future generations for the requirements of the future. Digital innovators and leaders, to pass the time when digital jobs were the preserve of a limited number of corporate technology leaders.