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Experience Majestic Austria In The Marvellous UAE During Expo 2020 Dubai

Austria, a beautiful Alpine country in Central Europe, through its participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, will be offering visitors with sparkling experience of its unique cuisine. The Austria Pavilion, in the spirit of Expo 2020’s main theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, will ensure that the tradition of a Viennese coffee house and its Austrian delights  can keep pace with the future, hence the motto of the pavilion ‘’Austria makes sense’’.

In fulfilment of the above objective, which is to entertain, educate and serve visitors from around the world and indulge them with Austrian hospitality, a group of Dubai-based Austrian gastronomy entrepreneurs and experts have joined forces to bring the concept of ‘’Austrian Delight’’, together with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

The team behind ‘’Austrian Delight’’, the trio Ingo Faust, one of the masterminds behind the LeBurger growth in Austria and now Masterfranchise and operator of the brand in Middle East, along with Will and Manuela Odwarka, restaurant operators, and, “Heartatwork”, owners of the Dubai based international F&B consulting firm, will create a piece of Austrian cuisine during Expo 2020.

‘’If  Expo is a glimpse into the future, it is also a place where the world comes together to learn from each other, and in this context, Austria will have the opportunity to meet the world and for the world to get to know Austria.” says Will Odwarka.

A number of great Austrian brands have partnered collaborating in the success of the Expo, namely Julius Meinl Coffee, Gasteiner Mineral Water, PowerHorse Energy drink, Auer Sweets, Rauch Juices, Ton Furniture and the Dubai/German bakery ‘’Bakerskitchen’’ with its Austrian pastry chef.

Pavilion Overview

There will be three gastronomic areas that can provide easy and efficient use of these areas by the guests and visitors: the Café will offer full service, the kiosk is built for impulse and takeaway, and the VIP area relies on Flying Buffet and the serving of Austrian drinks.

Coffeehouse and coffee culture

The coffeehouse will be operated by “Austrian Delight” where they’ll serve Julius Meinl. An Austrian coffee roaster since 1862 and a global ambassador for Viennese Coffee House Culture, “Julius Meinl” has been sourcing, innovating and delighting customers and businesses with premium coffee, fine tea and more, passing all the passion, expertise and specialist knowledge down the generations. The Viennese premium coffee is enjoyed by 5 million people daily, and over 2 billion every year. Accompanying beverages, Austrian grape and other drinks will focus exclusively on the VIP area and for special occasions only in respecting the local laws and requirements.

The coffeehouse, ‘’Austrian Delight’’, situated in the centre of the Austria Pavilion, will represent the sense of taste and also serve as a symbol of Austrian hospitality, offering visitors the chance to catch up over coffee while enjoying world-famous Austrian culinary delights.

Rich Austrian Mineral Water

Another feature that will further enrich the pavilion is the presence of “Gasteiner”, the famous Austrian company producing unique mineral water sourced from the depths of the high alpine, untouched mountain world of the High Tauern will be introducing new sugar free water with taste drinks as well. Through its presence at Austria’s pavilion “Gasteiner” will be the first Austrian water company to enter the UAE market with a plan to continue the distribution across the outlets after the Expo ends.

Austria has unveiled an unusual concept for its pavilion on the Expo 2020 Dubai site – 38 interlocking cones blending on a 2400 sq m plot to form a harmonious structure.

The best way to sum up the feeling that will be experienced by visitors is to quote Ingo Faust and Manuela Odwarka: ‘’Every visitor should feel a bit of Austria in his heart and in his taste buds’’.

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