Etihad Airways celebrates 50 years of the UAE


The national airline of the UAE, Etihad Airways, has unveiled a year-long programme in celebration of the 50 years since the nation was established. The programme will launch in three phases, focusing on the past, the present and looking forward to the future. 

The airline has launched a dedicated platform at and aims to engage the local community in its participative programme, which will be revealed in detail throughout the year. Citizens, residents and guests of the UAE will all have the chance to participate and win one of 50,000 prizes that will be given away throughout the 12-month programme.

Commenting on the project, Etihad Aviation Group CEO Tony Douglas said: “This year-long initiative demonstrates Etihad’s celebration of the past and commitment to the next 50 years of this incredible country. As one of the UAE’s leading brands, Etihad is proud to bring the world to Abu Dhabi to be part of this celebration.”

Three-phase project

The first project in this series of celebrations is the Legacy of a Nation, which charts the untold stories of the country from the past 50 years. Etihad will be seeking out and curating personal accounts of life in the UAE, both past and present.

The second pillar of the programme is Values that Unite, where Etihad will collaborate with expressionists from different walks of life to co-create work that commemorates this auspicious occasion.

The final phase of the campaign is headlined Hosting the World. Hospitality is a very important part of Emirati culture and similarly is an intrinsic part of Etihad’s commitment to its guests. Etihad will encourage, support and facilitate individuals with hosting special visitors from around the world to experience the UAE’s warm welcome for themselves.

The 50,000 prizes range from free flights and bonus Etihad Guest Miles to discount vouchers for experiences across Abu Dhabi and will be awarded throughout the year. The series of activities will run until 31 December.

In March, Etihad released a video charting the key milestones since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic in what it is calling “the most challenging year in aviation history”. 

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