EOMAP Opens New Office in Dubai


Rahul Sidharth will introduce EOMAP’s Earth Observation services to the MENA regions.

From the new office based in the United Arab Emirates, EOMAP will serve industry partners and authorities in the Middle East, North Africa and India. Rahul Sidharth, Director of the Dubai office, will promote the full range of aquatic mapping and monitoring products by the German company.

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Rahul Sidhart, Director of EOMAP’s Dubai office

For 12 years, Rahul has been an advocate of geospatial products as well as an active part of the regional GIS and remote sensing community, both in business and academia. He holds a Bachelor in Geology from Fergusson College as well as a Master of Science in GIS and Remote Sensing from Symbiosis International University in India. After starting his professional career with ESRI India he dived deep into Business Development & Sales at Space Imaging.

“It’s a pleasure to introduce EOMAP’s mapping and monitoring products to the MENA region and the Indian subcontinent. I feel convinced that stakeholders here will value the advantages of satellite-derived decision support from our German research labs compared to conventional survey methods in terms of quality, cost effectiveness and time savings. In short, we will try to empower offshore-engineers and coastal managers to take safer and faster decisions on the basis of accurate data.”

Rahul will promote EOMAP’s portfolio for aquatic mapping and monitoring services, such as bathymetry, baseline studies for dredging operations, and support for environmental impact assessment.

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