Enish Restaurant takes Dubai by storm, offers sumptuous Nigerian cuisines, excellent customer service


Enish Restaurant and Lounge has taken Dubai by storm, offering excellent services with sumptuous Nigerian cuisines in a cosy environment.

For Nigerians and lovers of Nigerian dishes in Dubai, Enish Restaurant is presenting that home away experience in its state of the art restaurant, offering sumptuous Nigerian meals.

Having stamped its seal of quality in the United Kingdom with 6 world class restaurants, Enish is taking the offering to another level in Dubai with its second restaurant to carter for Nigerians who often travel to Dubai for business, leasures, holidays, shopping, marriages and honey moon.

Enish Restaurant & Lounge brings years of culinary craft to Dubai, serving a true taste of Nigerian cuisine & beverages with a fine dining experience in Dubai, delivering authenticity to clients plates, fusing modern design, dark marble, rich materials, sophisticated colours & subtle lighting.

Enish Dubai exudes class & luxury whether guests have come for a cocktail, dining or party experience.

The restaurant is pivoting into event services as a one stop event solution.

Enish Restaurant and Lounge has carved a niche for its self in the restaurant business in Dubai, attracting top Nigerian musicians like Davido, Tiwa Salvage, Burna Boy, Stefflon Don, Kiss Daniel, Yemi Alade, Adekunle Gold, Simi, Whizkid, Peruzzi, DJ Cuppy and others who cherish the home away experience they always enjoy at the restaurant in Dubai.

Located in the heart of Dubai along the famous Shek Zayed Road, Enish is the only authentic Nigerian bar in UAE with soothing traditional signature African Cocktails.

Enish restaurant presents a perfect venue for both business and social meetings with various night themes for each day, for example Ladies night , Flux Saturdays, Afro Drip , African Night, Afro Beat Night among others.

The restaurant has the only bar in UAE that is flexible and guest oriented.

It can host any type of event from corporate to social functions .

Enish attracts not only Nigerians but a lot of foreigners who enjoy quality Nigerian foods prepared by experienced chefs.

In the words of Olushola Medupin, the chief executive officer of Enish Restaurant and Lounge: “I am the main Nigerian restaurant, I put my name out there as a Nigerian restaurant, if sky want any interview, the come to Enish, we have done with Google, even right now Google is promoting us. Google brought Anthony Joshua and right now we are on ten channels in UK, we are on Google ad, twitter ad, and intagram app, all paid for by Google because they wanted Nigerian restaurants and we put our self out there as a Nigerian restaurant. People keep asking me why, because we sell Nigerian foods, Is a huge market. They will tell you they don’t sell Nigerian foods because of the smell, so let me sell the smelly food in that posh place”.

Shola who is in Nigeria to explore the possibility of opening the biggest restaurant in the country worth about $2million, noted that a lot of people believe there are lots of Nigerian restaurants out there, adding that they are not actually enough.

On the plans to open the biggest restaurant in Nigeria, he explained that: “We are looking at spending a minimum of $2million dollars on the one we are planning to open in Nigeria. If we want do do something, I believe in doing it big, you have a lot of restaurants, so you have to do something different and I know what restaurants can do, I know the potential.
We are looking at Lagos or Abuja for the location.
The one we opened in Dubai, the Shek Zayed is $1million the second we are building in Palms will be a bit more than $1million with no partnership as am a lone ranger ”

Enish which is a business name coined from the combination of Eniola, the wife and Shola is today the biggest Nigerian restaurant outside the country, located in three continents of America, Dubai and United Kingdom with nine outlets making it the biggest.

it is not only the biggest, but also unique in combining class and panache.

With a million dollars expended in building the first Dubai restaurant and over a million dollars on the second one, the quality and standard is 100 percent assured

“In Shek Zayed and downtown, we are the only Nigerian restaurant, at the restaurant, I told them to only play Afrobeat. We have the highest number of Nigerian restaurants outside the country, we have nine.
Six in UK, two in Dubai and co own one in Houston, that is Kapri Ultra. We wanted to make it a Nigerian restaurant, but we didn’t get approval so we made it a Nigerian club. We are looking at branding as the best Nigerian restaurant in the world,” Shola stated,

Enish Dubai has the capacity of sitting from 1- 200. It has the VIP Shisha Serving Lounge, the VVIP 10 sitter guest room on mezzanine floor overlooking the DJ and the big musical video screen.

On the impact of Covid 19 on the business, Enish boss observed that:” Covid 19 did a lot of harm, but thank God we are still here because of our huge customer base, though sales drop to like 70 percent compared to a lot of restaurants that have closed down. Like the Dubai restaurant, we are still there doing well because we are still popular in Dubai. In Shek Zayed and downtown, we are the only Nigerian restaurant”.

While advising youths who might be looking up to him for inspiration, Enish boss stated further that Nigerian youths have to believe that they need to start from somewhere.

“People don’t believe that you can actually work hard and make it, especially Nigerian youths, am facing that problem because everybody thinks am a fraudster, a drug dealer or a ritualist and other things, some people will come to me to ask me bros what do you do, please help us, but when I tell them that the restaurant business is all I do and they will say no no is not possible, a lot don’t actually believe that you can actually work hard and make it, even when I got to Nigeria, people will ask me what do you do for a living apart from this restaurant business, but I will tell them that I don’t do any other business apart from restaurant business. This restaurant business is my life, that is why I don’t joke with it.
You can be what you want to be, it might be difficult, but go for it, just keep working towards it. For a example, I said I want to open the biggest restaurant in Lagos, I don’t have a space, i don’t know how is going to happen, but I will start working on it, it will take time, but I will keep working on it and I know I will achieve it by God’s grace.”