Emirates supports global supply chain moving during 2021

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  • 12 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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Emirates supports global supply chain moving during 2021

Emirates SkyCargo, airfreight division of Emirates airline notched up numerous milestones throughout the year in successfully navigating the complex landscape of the global logistics and supply chain industry in 2021.

Emirates SkyCargo during 2021 has maintained an unwavering focus on supporting communities, especially those in developing markets, with rapid access to COVID-19 vaccines and other medical supplies, said a press release.

By December 2021, the cargo carrier had transported a total of 600 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines on its flights to over 80 destinations, one of the largest volumes globally by any airline cargo carrier.

The air cargo carrier transported over 265,000 tonnes of perishables and food on its flights in 2021, facilitating an important volume of the global cross-border logistics in the trade of food and other perishables.

Emirates SkyCargo utilised Emirates Boeing 777 passenger aircraft for cargo-only operations.  Besides it continued to operate cargo flights on its passenger aircraft and mini freighters (passenger aircraft with seats removed from Economy Class).

The air cargo carrier operated a total of more than 20,000 cargo-only flights on passenger aircraft during 2021.

The air cargo carrier strengthen it’s Cold Chain Infrastructure by expanding temperature sensitive pharma and vaccine handling capabilities at dedicated pharma facility at Dubai International Airport.

The new extension is able to hold an estimated 60-90 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines at any one time.

By end of June 2021, Emirates SkyCargo was operating to more than 140 destinations, including Bangladesh, restoring 90 percent of its pre-Covid network.